Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 11 (1971 - 72)
Beside, behind, before

THE sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) must have as his objective the state of mental preparation, for the realisation of Godhead at any moment. That is to say, his heart must be cleansed of despair, free from hesitation and doubt, and open to the waves of bliss that surge in from all sides, in God's Universe. Love brings the waves in, ever expansive as they are! Follow the directives, with faith and sincerity. That will help you to realise the purpose of life. Since every act has its appropriate reaction, beware of evil intentions, wicked words, acts that harm others and therefore harm you, and so live that you revere all as moving temples of the Divine. Narasamma, who passed away recently is a good example for you. She was a pure devotee. She came to Parthi, 30 years ago; and once having come, she never turned back to Madras, with any longing for her home, her belongings or her kith and kin! She was friendly with all and put up gladly with all sorts of people. I used to reprimand her often, "Narasamma, Why do you welcome all these people into your room and allow them to disturb the sadhana and silence you need?" But, her heart was large and it was difficult to restrain her. She spent all these years, happily here; and, now she has settled here, as her eternal home. I wrote a letter to her from Goa, I did not write to any one else from there. I wrote only to her. I wrote, "Narasamma, I am with you, beside, before, behind; and I am guarding you as the lids guard the eye. Do not be worried in the least, that I am not there. Since your body is getting weaker and weaker, be ready for any eventuality. Avoid thoughts of the body, be ever full of thoughts of God. Carry on in that manner." When the body gets over-ripe, it rots; when it rots, it is thrown away. Her body became ripe, over-ripe and it even suffered due to over-ripeness. So, it had to be disposed away. But, her seva and sadhana - these do survive.
Tread the path of goodness & achieve good results
Perhaps you wondered why I did not come to give her dharshan (audience), even though she was praying for it so long! Her fortune was not this kind of dharshan, standing before you, as I do now. But, I certainly stuck to my promise to her, that I shall give dharshan to her, during her last moments. I came, I stood before her, I gave her the blessing prasadha (consecrated gift), I asked her to put into her mouth the vibhuuthi (sacred ash) I created and gave her; and, some persons round her bed at the time came to know about it. For they asked Narasamma, "What is it you are putting into your mouth?" and Narasamma told them, "Swami came just now and gave me Vibhuuthi prasadham." Until the last breath she was fully conscious. Narasamma died at seven minutes past eleven in the morning here at Prasanthi Nilayam, and there at Whitefield, I mentioned to Peddhabottu (who has come there and is staying there), at seven minutes past eleven, "Your Narasamma has gone!" Her nature, her heart that corresponded with her nature, her achievement which was characteristic of her heart and its purity - all bore fruit. It is difficult to understand the beauty of such a life and to find analogies by which one can explain it. The path depends on the principle, they say. Follow good principles, you are led along to the good fruits. So, tread the path of goodness and achieve good results. That is my advice.
Falsehood looks easy and profitable; but, it binds you and pushes you into perdition. Purify your feelings and impulses; do not worry that others are not doing similarly.
Each man carries his destiny in his own hands. You will not be bound, because others are not freed. You should strive for your salvation, at your own pace, from where you started when you were born into this chance.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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