Devotional Coordinators should use this form to request creation of Song Signup Forms for their centers / groups.
In case of weekly devotional singing sessions, this is a one time setup, and the links generated can be reused every week.
If your center would like to use the Online Slide Deck available on this portal for your weekly devotional singing program, please submit this below form.
Once the form is submitted, links for the online slide deck, and for members to signup their songs will be generated.
Members can also signup via the Sai Rhythms app available on iOS & Android.
Center / Group Information
Signup Form Information
If this signup will span across multiple timeslots, you can list them here. Members will then be able to choose one or more time slots for which the songs should be considered. The songs will be added to the slide deck with the timeslot labels for which the members have signed up. This can then be used by the DCs to arrange the songs.
Please list one timeslot per line. E.g.
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Young Adults
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - SSE
Please list the Centers and Groups (one per line) that will be participating in this special program. Please also specify your center name. The centers will be listed in the drop down when they sign up. E.g.
Boulder, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Song List Settings
Specify the number of hours before the actual session date, when the signup will be closed automatically. Leave it as blank to disable this feature.
The cutoff time will be calculated backwards from 23:59 hours of the day of the devotional singing sessions. For e.g. if the session will be held on a Sunday, configuring this field as 10, will auto-close the signup at 13:59 on Sunday (10 hrs counted back from 23:59).
All time calculations are done in the USA EST timezone.
The list will be cleared out at the end of the weekly devotional session at the specified time to allow for the following week's signup to begin afresh. If the list must not be cleared out automatically, please click to select "No".
By default, the first few characters of the first name and the last initial of the singer are displayed for each song. If the names must remain completely hidden, please click to select "Hide Singer Name".
While the signup forms for members are openly available on the internet, the slide deck requires a pass code to prevent unauthorized edits. Please provide a simple clear text pass code to gain access to the slide deck.
When email confirmations are sent for member signups, the default From Email ID will be used. If you'd like to specify a different From Email ID, please enable this switch and provide the ID.
Advanced Settings
If enabled, an additional text field will be shown on the signup form for members to provide a link to their recording, or specify any information that will helpful for the DC, keyboard players etc.
If enabled, the gender of the singer would have to be selected during song signup. Values can be specified in the below field.
If enabled, members will be able to sign up for additional activities such as altar setup and instrumentalists.
If you'd like to add a custom message on the signup form, please specify it here. For e.g.
  • During Christmas week, you can add a message like
    "We will be celebrating Christmas at our center this week. Request members to signup English songs on Jesus."
  • During Guru Purnima, you can add a message like
    "Since the upcoming week marks the occasion of Guru Purnima, request members to signup Guru songs for this week."
  • This message can be changed as often as needed based on upcoming events.