Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 27 (1994)
Bhagavaan's valedictory address

EMINENT DOCTORS! Though axed and maimed by man, trees selflessly serve him by providing him fruits and shade. Rivers carry water to quench man's thirst and to cleanse his body. The cow also selflessly serves man by providing milk. Man should in the first place realize the truth that he has been endowed with the human body not for seeking his selfish ends but for serving others. The wealth one possesses, the scientific skill one acquires, and the medical knowledge one obtains, are all secured from society. Since man has gained his wealth, knowledge and expertise from society, he has to discharge his debt to society by doing some good in return to it.
The ideal of gratitude has been handed down the ages as a heritage in India. A man without this supreme virtue of gratitude is worse than a cruel animal. Having received his wealth, education and skills from society, if he does not serve the cause of society, his health, education and skills are a sheer waste. It is only by serving society that these acquire splendour and significance. The relationship that should exist between wealth and deeds can be likened to the relationship between rain water and the ocean. Water from the sea, vaporized by the sun, forms clouds in the sky which in turn come down as rain on earth. The rain water flows as streams which in due course form mighty rivers and merge in the ocean. Similarly, actions should spring up as clouds from the ocean of righteousness and confer the rain drops of love. The drops of love gather into rivers and merge in the ocean, which is the source.
Inventions of new machines in the field of surgery
Tremendous advances have been made in the field of medicine and surgery. The invention of the heart-lung machine marked a notable break-through in the field of surgery. The heart-lung machine is like a mother. It performs the functions of the heart and the lung without being aware of it. It does not know in the least that it is pumping, purifying and circulating blood. Like the mother, it is innocent and pure. The mother is unaware that she is sustaining the baby in her womb by nourishing it with substance from her own body. It is a wonder how the different organs of the body discharge their different functions. The heart performs its functions with utmost regularity and rhythm. It pumps the blood at the right time in the right direction. The lungs and digestive system in the body perform their functions perfectly. In this marvellous creation of God, the functioning of the body is the most wondrous. Doctors are aware of this wonderful mystery called the body. Endowed with this knowledge of the human system, doctors perform their services. They should have the awareness that the service which they render to others is nothing but service done unto themselves.
Team-work of the organs in the body
Doctors today have access to the latest techniques and most sophisticated instruments, unknown to their ancestors. At one time, by-pass surgery was breathtaking, but now it has become a familiar exercise. Doctors will come out with techniques far better than by-pass surgery in the years to come. The valves in the human heart perform most intricate and complex activities. All the organs in the body perform their functions with the finest coordination, displaying most astonishing unity, harmony and adjustment. The body and the mind work in perfect unison in the human system. Man should first understood the impact of the mind and the body on human life. The mind exercises supreme influence not only on the health of the body but on the universe too. Man is not merely a human being, he is the embodiment of Divinity. All acts of service done to others are to be treated as service rendered to God.
Every physician should try to trace the cause of diseases. Doctors should make earnest efforts to educate the people in health and hygiene and impress on patients how food habits and lifestyles affect life and cause diseases. No treatment ensures permanent cure. All treatments enable people to prolong their lives. But realizing the impermanence of life, every person should strive to sanctify his life. All techniques like by-pass surgery are only artificial means of extending the life span of man. They bear testimony to the doctor's skills. It must be remembered that the heart is the creation of God while art is the creation of man. There is, however, close connection between God's creation and man's
It is activity that confers authority
It is the duty of the doctors to use their knowledge in the service of mankind. Take for example, Dr. Bhan. As he has been conducting operations sincerely in .our hospital, he has improved his surgical skill and has become a senior doctor. Acquisition of skill and perfection in one's work delights one's self. Education gains significance only when it is rested on the touch-stone of practice.
One must continuously work. It is activity that confers authority. A doctor gains happiness in proportion to the work he puts in. The genuine doctor is one who delights in work. For example, Dr. Venugopal performs ten to twelve operations even without taking coffee. When I ask him to rake coffee or take rest he says, "No, Svami. This work is a source of happiness to me." It is his dedication to work and continuous application which have made him a master of his job. It is the application of his knowledge that lends joy to him. Our hospital is an infant of two years. Within a short span of time it has become one of the best hospitals. It owes its magnificent success to the coordinated efforts of doctors, nurses, technicians and volunteers. The group from Hyderabad led by Dr. Somaraju also does tremendous work. The team from Delhi does invaluable work. Unity is strength. The doctors in our hospital perform their work with all love and sincerity. They work without any publicity. The other day Dr. Somaraju performed an intricate operation by making use of balloon technique. Our doctors are making an earnest effort to cure heart ailments without resorting to operation. One single flower cannot make a garland. Many flowers are needed to make a garland. It requires a thread also. All these doctors are like the fragrant flowers and Bhagavan is the invisible thread which binds them together into a beautiful garland. Since all the doctors and staff work together, this hospital has earned great name and fame. The love of doctors and love of Svami have contributed to its tremendous success.
Faith in God is essential for all actions
Without faith in God, we cannot perform any action. It is Divinity which pervades everywhere and works nonstop. All these doctors have been working as instruments. It is the infectious joy of doctors and patients which makes the hospital unique. Dr. Rajiv Mahajan, though not a doctor, exerts himself for the sake of the hospital. He comes three days in a month to check the requirements of the hospital. It is his love which prompts him to do all this for the hospital. Though we ourselves sometimes do not bother about the hospital, he himself comes and does the needful.
This hospital owes its progress to the sacrifice and service of many But the most important of all is the will of God. Dr. Neelam Desai said, "The wings with you and the bodies with us." All these doctors work with the feeling that they are instruments in the hands of the Divine. Many of you, while glorifying this hospital say "Your Hospital." This hospital belongs to all of us. It is "Our Hospital!" You are always welcome to this Hospital!
What exactly is your duty? Let Me summarise it for you. First, tend your parents with love, reverence and gratitude. Second, speak the truth and act virtuously. Third, whenever you have a few moments to spare, repeat the Name of the Lord, with the Form in your mind. Fourth, never indulge in talking ill of others or try to discover faults in others. And, finally, do not cause pain to others, in any form.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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