Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 36 (2003)
Convocation 2003 Discourse

This land of Bharat is the motherland for great people,
who acquired name and fame in different continents.
This land of Bharat is the battlefield where the warriors of the
foreign country were driven out and freedom from foreign rule acquired.
This land of Bharat has acquired great name and fame for erudite scholarship.
This land of Bharat is a divine land which has produced great
intellectuals in the fields of music, art, literature and various sciences.
Having been born in such a great land of Bharat, Oh students!
The responsibility to protect the wealth of righteousness of this country is yours.
(Telugu Poem)

Embodiments of Love!
Bharat has earned great reputation in all fields of human endeavour, be it physical, spiritual, moral, and ethical. It is a matter of great pride to declare "I am a Bharatiya (Indian)". Having been born in this sacred land of Bharat and having enjoyed its wealth, water, and food, it is unfortunate that some people feel ashamed to identify themselves as Bharatiya. Many people born in this sacred land have earned good reputation. But unfortunately, Bharatiya, instead of marching ahead with courage and determination, are falling back. Truly speaking, to earn the epithet of Bharatiya is in itself a great honour. Having earned such appellation, the citizens of this country should become role models for the rest of the world. The culture of Bharat is renowned worldwide for its sacredness. It has demonstrated great ideals in moral, ethical, and spiritual fields. Having taken birth in such a sacred land, how noble a Bharatiya should be! You should uphold the prestige and honour of this country.
Embodiments of Love!
The sacred culture of Bharat should be practised and propagated in every nook and corner of the country. It should be passed on to generation after generation. But alas! many Bharatiya are migrating to foreign lands, forgetting their own motherland. To forget ones motherland amounts to ingratitude. Every son of Bharat should live true to his name and bring glory to the motherland. But, instead, some are bringing bad name to the country. Bharat is a sacred land; its glory keeps increasing day by day. You need not make any special effort to bring good name to the country; it is enough if you lead your life in an ideal manner like a true Bharatiya.
Embodiments of Love!
Bharat is the crest jewel among all nations. It rests on the strong foundation of love. It has demonstrated ideals in all fields of life. One who forgets such a sacred land will certainly be put to disrepute. Wherever you go, you should feel proud to proclaim that you are a Bharatiya. People with such patriotism and nationalism are very rare these days. Instead of bringing glory to the motherland, people are going abroad to meet their selfish ends. Having gone there, they forget the motherland and spend their time and energy for the progress of that country. You can very well imagine the fate of a person who forgets his mother. Mother and the motherland are to be revered by one and all. Bharat is the land of the Vedas. The glory of Bharatiya culture cannot be described in words. You should make effort to uphold this sacred culture and earn a good name for yourself. You should strain every sinew and discharge your duties to perfection. But Bharatiyas, who are supposed to demonstrate idealism to others are failing in this regard. Since ancient times, Bharat has demonstrated idealism to all nations. The name and fame that Bharat has acquired is unmatched. Bharat is the centre of righteousness. It lays great emphasis on the practise of truth and righteousness. Sathyam vada, dharmam chara (speak truth, practise righteousness). But today people have lost regard for truth and righteousness. Dharayati iti dharma (that which supports is dharma). The code of conduct as prescribed by the culture of Bharat is most ideal and should be practised by one and all.
Embodiments of Love!
Ancient Bharatiyas never craved for name and fame. They attained glory on account of their nobility. The culture of Bharat has laid great emphasis on the spirit of sacrifice. Our ancients placed national interest above self-interest. They had no trace of selfishness in them. That is why their glory has not diminished a bit with the passage of time. They took refuge in righteousness. They considered truth as their life-breath. But today, are we making any efforts to uphold the pristine glory of Bharat? Days are rolling by but Bharatiyas are not striving for the uplift of the nation, instead they are forgetting their own culture. He is a true Bharatiyas who is prepared to sacrifice even his life for the sake of dharma.
This land of Bharat is the motherland for great people, who acquired name and fame in different continents. Bharat Matha (mother India) was adorned with the garland of righteous people. But such garland has faded today. But the culture of Bharat will never fade with the passage of time. It is eternal and immortal. Ancient Bharatiyas adhered to sathya (truth) and dharma even in small matters. Sathya and dharma were their guiding principles. That is why their lives continue to inspire people even after many aeons and generations. But today, Bharatiyas are after money. How long will the money last? Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. You can be called a Bharatiyas only when you develop morality.
Students - Boys and Girls!
Remember always that your education is not merely to amass wealth or to eke out a livelihood. Money cannot confer true happiness on you. Do not deviate from dharma for the sake of dhana (money). Dharma is our life, truth is our breath. Good reputation is our wealth. You should not crave for worldly name and fame. Once you practise dharma, you will naturally attain good reputation. Dharma is related to the heart. Practise of dharma, is termed ritam, which will make you immortal. But today we do not find anybody adhering to ritam,. Bharat has given birth to many great scholars, poets, and men of sacrifice who demonstrated great ideals. But today, people have forgotten them. We should always remember people who have sacrificed their life for a noble cause and try to emulate them. It is the spirit of sacrifice that has protected and sustained this country for many ages and generations. Sacrifice is the dharma of Bharatiyas. You should offer your lives for the protection of dharma and not for amassing wealth.
Embodiments of Love!
Love is the eternal principle that is present in all. There is no human being without love. But people are using their love for selfish purposes. You should eschew selfishness and self-interest and develop spirit of sacrifice with courage and conviction. How can you become courageous? It is possible only when you practise dharma. Bharat has given birth to many noble persons who sacrificed their lives for the cause of dharma. Endaro mahanubhavulu, andariki vandanamulu (there are many great souls; I prostrate before all of them). They never craved for name and fame. They led a life of thyaga (sacrifice). Thyaga is true yoga. You should practise this yoga and become deserving of Divine grace.
Your studies are not meant for the acquisition of money but for understanding the nature of mind. Today wherever you see, money is given prime importance. Even the field of music has become money-centred. Music can captivate the heart. It is divine. M.S. Subbulakshmi has earned great reputation with her melodious singing. She never craved for money. She dedicated her music to uphold the glory of Bharat. Everyone should strive for the honour of the country. No doubt man has acquired expertise in the fields of music, literature, and fine arts, but he is using his skill to earn money. He has become business-minded. Any activity done with a business mind cannot please the heart. You should conduct self-enquiry and develop spirit of sacrifice. Only then can there be a transformation of heart.
Where there is self-confidence, there is self-satisfaction. Where there is self-satisfaction, there is self-sacrifice. And, through self-sacrifice comes self-realisation.
As long as you do not give up selfishness, you cannot achieve anything worthwhile in life. Fish is better than selfish. You should cast aside selfishness and cultivate selflessness.
Embodiments of Love!
You are acquiring various types of education.
In spite of his education and intelligence,
a foolish man will not know his true Self and
a mean-minded person will not give up his evil qualities.
Modern education leads only to argumentation,
not to total wisdom.
What is the use of acquiring worldly education
if it cannot lead you to immortality?
Acquire the knowledge that will make you immortal
(Telugu Poem)
You should acquire the knowledge of the Self. Consider it as your very life. Knowledge is your true energy. But man is ruining his energy because of his selfishness and self-interest. You should sacrifice your self-interest. Only then can you be truly called the children of Bharat.
Students - Boys and Girls!
Give up selfishness. Develop the spirit of sacrifice. Be prepared to sacrifice your life for the sake of sathya and dharma. Today, people are afraid to follow the path of truth. Why should one be afraid to speak truth? In fact, one should be afraid to utter falsehood. One who adheres to truth is always fearless. When you do not follow the path of truth, the fire of fear will burn you to ashes.
Embodiments of Love!
Consider love as your life and truth as your breath. There is an intimate and inseparable relationship between love and truth. Today, man uses the word love without actually knowing its meaning. As he does not know the value and meaning of love, he is utilising it for trivial and mundane purposes. He is under the mistaken notion that worldly and physical attachment is love and considers such love as his life. True love will reign supreme only when he gets rid of selfishness and develops spirit of sacrifice. Love is God, God is love. But you are craving for worldly love, which is bereft of life. You should aspire for divine love which is your very life.
Today, there are many who are highly educated. But what is the help they are rendering to society? Practically nothing. They are acquiring degrees for the sake of earning money. They do not serve society with the spirit of love and sacrifice. Love is the very form of Brahman. True spiritual discipline lies in connecting your love with divine love. Your life will be sanctified when you have steady and selfless love.
Embodiments of Love!
Modern students are taking to wrong path in the name of love. They do not understand what true love is. Love is the gift of God to every man. It should be utilised for the service of society. Unity is very essential for the progress of community. Man should share his love with others. Only then will he have the right to be a part of society.
Embodiments of Love!
Love is a small word, but it is pregnant with profound meaning. But people use it in the worldly sense, "I love you, I love you." You should be prepared to sacrifice for others all that is dear to you. That is true love. Love is God, live in love. Only then will you be able to understand the true nature of love. Do not misinterpret love in the worldly sense. Do not equate love to physical relationship. You should be prepared to give up your love for love. But today, nobody is prepared to sacrifice their life for love. People are ready to take others' life to meet their selfish ends.
You might have acquired high educational qualifications. But all these will prove futile if you do not earn divine love. Only God's love is true and eternal. Worldly love is transient. It attracts you for a moment like a twinkling star. Acquire divine love, which is the fundamental principle of your life. Be prepared to offer your life for the sake of Divine love.
All of you should live like brothers and sisters. All are the children of God. When you realise this truth, you will experience true love. You are born to different parents, but the life principle in each of you is one and the same. Consider love as your life. Only then will the education you acquire be meaningful. If you forget love, your life becomes meaningless. Live for the sake of love. Share your love with your fellowmen and become recipients of divine love. What you have to share with others is not worldly love. True love is related to the heart. People talk of divine love but get intoxicated by drinking the deep wine of worldly love. Love everybody without a trace of selfishness. That is divine love. Only when you develop such love can you attain the ultimate merger with the Divine. Pray to God for His love. Lead your lives spreading the message of love. Love is the goal of your life. Once you become the recipient of God's love, you will be loved by the whole world. Such is the power of God's love. It is totally selfless and sacred. Hence, always pray for His love.
Embodiments of Love!
I am prepared to do anything, even sacrifice My life for your welfare. I expect from you only one thing: Love God, Live in God. Only then can you be called a true student. If you crave for worldly love, you will become a stupid. Heart-to-heart, love to love - this is the type of relationship you should develop. Do not crave for money. It comes and goes. Share your love with everyone wholeheartedly. Bereft of love, heart becomes dry. Fill it with love and keep it always pure and fresh. Love is not related to materials. It is related to the heart.
What is vidya (education)? It is not study of matter. True education is the experience of effulgent love. Any number of electric bulbs cannot match the effulgence of love. Hence, develop love, bangaru! Only then will your education be fruitful. Knowledge is God's gift. It should not be offered to others; it should be offered only to God.
Embodiments of Love!
Love is your life. Love is your goal. The Bhagavadgita also lays great emphasis on the principle of love. Having studied here for a long time, you should fill your life with love. You have immense love for Me. It cannot be described in words. Love others as you love Swami. Give Me your love. Take My love in turn. There is no trace of body attachment in Me. Doctors said they would perform hip surgery on Me. I said, "You can do whatever you want. I am not the body. This body is yours." Your love becomes worldly in nature when you have body consciousness. You should develop such love that transcends body consciousness. Only then can you understand the eternal truth. When you truly experience divine love, you will not lead a worldly life. You will make your love flow incessantly toward God.
(The function concluded with the singing of National Anthem.)
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