Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 30 (1997)
Develop Self-reliance and faith in God

FROM ancient times Bharath has been conveying themes-sage of peace and prosperity to the world by its adherence to spirituality The people have always prayed for the welfare of all nations. The greatness of Bharatheeya culture can be appreciated only by those who have experienced magnificence. It is a culture that has survived the vicissitudes of history and stood the test of rime. The greatness of that culture is reflected in Sanathana Dharma (the perennial phi-1osophy of life). Righteousness is the external manifestation of this philosophy. it is this righteousness that sustains human life. it is only when this righteousness governs human life that ideals like equality, fraternity and liberty will be realised in practice. Conflict and discord in the world will cease when men learn to practise sense-control. Bharatheeyas today are ignoring the profound truths of Indian Culture. This is because they are forgetting their inherent divinity in the pursuit of self-interest and the sway of selfishness. The natural tendencies of man to be kind and considerate to others should be properly fostered. Today men are not doing this.
Understand the secrets of creation
There is no basic conflict between Man and Nature. Man is entitled to enjoy the fruits of Nature even as a child is entitled to the mother's milk or a bee to suck the honey in a flower. The creation is greater than mankind. It is humanity's privilege to understand the secrets of creation. Man should also seek to know the relationship between creation and the Creator. The human body consists of different organs like eyes, nose, hands, legs, etc. Human beings are limbs of society human societies are limbs of humanity. Humanity is a limb of Prakrithi. (Nature). Prakrithi is a limb of Paramatma (Cosmic Self). If you consider this chain of relationship, you can see that man is related to the Supreme embodiments of Bliss. But, why .is this Bliss eluding man? Because he has not recognised the Divinity within him. Man is considering nature as entirely a creation of Providence for his enjoyment. This is a mistake. Nature exists for enjoyment by man according to certain limits. Scientists today are exploring the powers of nature with a view to enjoying them without limit. They want to bring all those powers under human control for their unrestricted enjoyment. This is responsible for so many of the natural disasters that we witness today What is the cause of droughts and floods which occur in the world? Man seeks to enjoy the benefits of Nature which has grave consequences. Here you have a globe. If you hit it one way, its balance is disturbed. We should always see to it that in the utilisation of natural resources a proper balance is kept. Excessive use in any one direction will result in harm in another direction.
In the exploitation of natural resources, people are observing no limits in the name of their hakku (right) to act as they please. I do not understand wherefrom this "right" is derived. In reality, there is no such thing as a "right." In fact, what they have is responsibility. If one's responsibilities are properly discharged, some rights may emerge from them. If responsibilities are ignored, what can be the outcome? Only disorder and lack of peace. When rain falls, there will be water in the channels. How can you hope for water when there is no rain? Hence, you have to pray at the outset for rain. Only then you can enjoy the flow of water in the rivers. Similarly, you have at the outset to discharge your duties and then you will secure your rights.
Duties are most sacred
Today everyone talks only about rights. This appears utterly meaningless. Consider for a moment how everyone is spending his day. From the moment he wakes up to the time of going to bed everyone is filled with worries of one kind or another. Time is sacred. Actions are even more sacred. Duties are most sacred. Accomplishment of something by an activity is not enough. Till the very end of one's life success has to be achieved in every undertaking. As the Chief Minister Shri Chandrababu Naidu observed in his speech, people must do all their actions in an ideal manner. Mere mechanical existence does no credit to one's humanness. Human birth is immensely precious. Three things have to be observed as a mark of real humanness: Fear of sin, love of God and morality in society People should refrain from sinful acts. The Sanskrith saying declares- "Men desire the fruits of meritorious acts, but indulge in sinful acts." When people develop purity in thought, word and deed, they will reap the fruits of good actions. Human life is filled with worries of all kinds from birth to death. The only way to get rid of all these worries is to turn your mind towards God and think of Him at all times. Moreover, people should develop self-reliance. They should not look to others or to the Government to do what they can do for themselves. You must do as much as possible to help yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labours.
Use your abilities before seeking Divine help
Most people today have neither confidence in themselves nor the determination to accomplish what they desire. They want to get quick results, without the necessary effort on their part. How can this happen? It is not proper to cast the responsibility, on God or Government. God no doubt can help but He expects you to use the strength and talents given to you before seeking Divine help. To rely on God without using to the utmost your God given abilities is misconceived. People must try to purify the environment in which they are living. There is no peace or harmony anywhere. Devotees should try to purify and sanctify this atmosphere by developing love and practising human values. They may meet with opposition or discouragement from some quarters. They should overcome these obstacles. These critics are like the pests which can destroy extremely valuable things.
Those engaged in welfare activities should not bother about these critics but carry on their good work according to the dictates of their conscience. This point has also been made by the Chief Minister. When you are convinced that you are doing what is good for the people, why bother about the criticism of small-minded men? Develop self-confidence. Today in Bharath millions of people suffer from shortage of drinking water. This problem to some extent is due to the conduct of the people themselves. How far are the people acting in the right way?
There are three types of behaviour among human beings the Divine, the human and the animal. What we are witnessing is the growth of animality and decline of humanness. The reason for this trend is the limitless growth of desires and the steady disappearance of ashayalu (ideals). Selfishness is growing, selflessness is declining. Trickery is spreading, integrity is vanishing, attachment to the body is waxing, and love for the country is waning. The result is that the character of the people is getting degraded.
Sacrifice is the real secret of happiness
How different was the stare of things in the good old dines of our ancients. They rejoiced in the company of good devotees, they welcomed the-arrival of the poor and needy to their homes, they loved to hear the hymns in praise of God. They considered only such days as sacred days. Life can be redeemed only by such virtuous living. The ancient Bharatheeyas placed the quality, of sacrifice on a high pedestal, adored justice, esteemed righteousness as the supreme virtue and welcomed truth as a valuable friend. Today the state of things is at variance with all these. Sacrifice is the real secret of happiness. Everyone should share with others to the extent of his capacity his income and possessions and contribute to the well-being of others. There are so many people who are destitute and suffering in various ways. It is the duty of those who are better off to go to the help of these unfortunates.
Live up to your words
Embodiments of Love! Today you have listened to the speeches of many leaders. They have spoken from their hearts and given expression to their concern for the welfare of the people. If these words are translated into purposeful action, the country is bound to make good progress. It is a welcome sign that such leaders have come forward to give assurances of this kind on occasions like this. They are bound to generate enthusiasm and confidence among the people. The Chief Minister, the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly and the Union Minister have all spoken with conviction and enthusiasm. This should get implanted in the hearts of the people. The assurances should be translated into action. Bharath as well as the rest of the world, is racked by myriad problems. What is the remedy? There has to be a radical transformation in the minds of men. People should recognise the inherent divinity of man.
When this mental transformation and recognition of divinity come together, there will be the divinisation of mankind.
Embodiment of Love! Today the Yajna, which began on the 5th, has come to a close. It is Vijayadhashami day. It is an auspicious sign that the drinking water project is being transferred on this day to the Andhra government and the Chief Minister has accepted the responsibility for the proper maintenance of the project. There are many more similar welfare schemes which have to be carried out for the good of the people. My entire being, from head to toe, is dedicated to the service of the people. I wish to do many things for the good of the people. I do not wish to talk about them. Action must speak for itself. The Speaker mentioned that the drinking water problem was acute in his district also. Unlike some other districts, the Kolar district has no rivers. Everyone should resolve to see that he contributes his mite to the solution of such problems. Everyone should realise his obligations to society because of what all that he owes to society Wherever necessary people should come together to solve their problems by their own cooperative action.
There are many young people who are idling away their time at homes. Their energies should be mobilised for constructive welfare work. The Chief Minister referred to the scheme of Shramdhan (gift of labour). Everyone in the village should be involved in such Shramdhan to construct village toads without waiting for help from others. This kind of voluntary co-operative activity should be undertaken to meet as many of the villagers needs as possible. The help of others can be sought when necessary.
Bhagavan's assurance of all out help
I am prepared to help anyone from any village, any state or any community. I do not cherish differences of any kind. Whether you believe it or not, I may assure you that I respect only one caste, the caste of humanity, only one religion, the religion of Love and only one language, the language of the heart. I shall never say "No" to anybody who seeks My help, whatever his caste, region or creed may be. A good many devotees are gathered here. I am prepared even to part with Prashanthi Nilayam to meet your requests. I am prepared to do anything for the good of the people. That is My only concern. I am working only to make the people worthy of the Lord's grace. Few persons recognise this fact. Even those who have been coming to Me for years do not recognise this truth. It is difficult to comprehend the truth about the ways of the Divine. All of you should attend to your duties with faith in the Divine. All will be well with you. You can accomplish everything with case. This is the path pursued by our ancients. In those days there were no parties and warring factions. All acted with one mind. That was the message of the Vedas. "Let us work together, enjoy together and love one another and share our joy with all" - this was the glorious message of the Rig Veda. Men based their lives on the injunctions of the Vedas. Today when these injunctions are not respected, how can human life be sacred?
If your heart is good, no harm can come to you
No one need be afraid of what others say or think as long as one is doing the right thing according to his conscience. Courage should go along with good action. If your heart is good, no harm can come to you.
Apart from the Ananthapur district, I am hoping to meet the needs of some other districts. In this context I wish to assure you of one thing. Whether in Bharath or in any other country there will be no lack of resources for carrying out welfare schemes. Resources are available in plenty. Only the impulse to undertake such schemes is not present. When that impulse is there, anything can be achieved. If people can go to the moon, cannot they make the journey to their hearts? When I took up the drinking water project, our Trust members told me-"Svami! There are not enough funds in the Trust. How are we to embark on this gigantic project?"I assured them-"That is My concern. I shall see that this good project is completed." That has been accomplished without any impediments.
Much remains to be done in Bharath. As the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly said, water is a primary need all over the country. Pure drinking water should be made available to the entire people. That is My resolve.
From My earliest years I have been concerned about providing three primary requisites for our people: Free education, free medical aid and free basic amenities like drinking water Education is for the head. Medical care is for the heart and pure water for the body. These three cover the main requirements of life. To provide these three gives the greatest gratification.
Task before leaders
Try to provide free education wherever you can. Provide free medicines and treatment for the poor. Co-operate among yourselves, as far as possible to provide drinking water. In Rayalaseema people suffer from the iii effects of fluorosis. Please see that at least the future generation is saved from these ailments. I bless you all and assure you of My grace in all your beneficent activities. I desire that all the authorities concerned should act in concert to carry out welfare programmes.
The Chief Minister, who had been yearning to come here for a long time, is fortunate in being present here on this auspicious and memorable occasion. I am confident that he will carly out his programme well. I am happy that he has accepted the responsibility for the future maintenance of the scheme. He is no outsider. In fact, all are spiritually one, though in names and forms they may be different. By his acceptance, we have been relieved of an onerous responsibility. I may have to take on new burdens in the future. I am well prepared for that. This is not the end of the story.
I assure the people of Kolar that I shall see to the fulfillment of their needs in the near future. By the 72nd birthday, the drinking water needs of the Kolar people will be met and people in every village will be well served. Even in Ananthapur district, some areas remain to be served. I assure them that all that remains to be done will be completed. If any area is not covered I shall get the work done if I am informed about it. I am yours , and you are mine. Our relationship is a spiritual one. You are entitled to approach Me and I am bound to respond to your wishes. Do nor entertain any doubts on this score. I bless you all.
The human body is the most wondrous machine in the world. It has a bewildering multiplicity of limbs, organs, veins, nerves and cells which co-operate to maintain it: under varied conditions. If anyone of these rebels and refuses to rescue another, the body is bound to suffer. So too, a society, a community or nation can be safe, secure and happy only when the individuals comprising it are mutually helpful and bound together in skilful and sincere service.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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