Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 33 (2000)
Eradicate Immorality To Attain Immortality

O foolish mind, why do you go here and there in search of Lord Vishnu, when He is very much present in you?
Look within and worship Him with devotion and steadfastness just as Emperor Bali did.
(Telugu Poem)
EMPEROR Bali was Vishnupriya (one who loved Lord Vishnu). He was endowed with the virtues of charity and righteousness. But his reputation was slightly tainted because he was born in the clan of demons.
As Bali had immense love for Lord Vishnu and he was a repository of virtues, Lord Vishnu wanted to grant him liberation. He incarnated as Vamana and approached Bali when he was performing the Viswajit Yajna. Emperor Bali welcomed Him and enquired if he could do anything for Him. Vamana asked him for just three footsteps of land. Bali laughed at this simple request of Vamana and said He could ask for much more than mere three footsteps of land. But Vamana said that He did not want anything else. As desired by Vamana, Bali not only gave what he was asked to give, but in the process offered himself also to the Lord. In this world, there are many people who would give away wealth and other materialistic acquisitions in charity. But true charity lies in offering oneself to the Lord.
Emperor Sibi was also one of charity like Emperor Bali. Once an eagle was in hot pursuit of a small bird, which sought refuge from Sibi. The eagle arugued with Sibi that the bird was its rightful prey and food. So, he should give it at once. But Sibi Said that he would never forsake one who had sought his refuge. He offered his own flesh to the eagle in order to protect the bird.
Emperor Bali Lived Up To His Name
The word Bali means sacrifice and Emperor Bali lived up to his name. Lord Rama, in order to uphold the promise of His father, renounced the kingdom and spent fourteen years in exile in the forest. Likewise, Gangeya (Bhishma) remained a Brahmachari (celibate) throughout his life for the sake of his father’s happiness. That is why their names are imprinted on the hearts of people even today. Bhishma means one who remains steadfast in his vow. Bharat is the land of many such noble souls and emperors, who led a life of sacrifice.
Kerala occupies a place of prominence in this sacred land of Bharat, which is thyaga bhumi (land of sacrifice), yoga Bhumi (land of spirituality) and karma bhumi (land of action). The state of Kerala owes its reputation not only to Emperor Bali but also to the advent of Lord Vamana. It is the tradition of Kerala not to turn away anybody empty-handed. In fact, every Bharatiya is endowed with this spirit of sacrifice. The people of Kerala are not affected by the impact of Kali Age as they continue to follow the ideals set by Bali and lead their lives happily. They are righteous, devoted and god-minded. I wish that they live in harmony like members of one family. Kerala is, in fact, the birthplace of sacrifice. But today people are trying to convert this thyaga bhumi into bhoga bhumi.
Forbearance is the real beauty in this sacred land of Bharat.
Of all the sacred virtues, adherence to truth is true penance.
The nectarous feeling in this country is the feeling towards one’s mother.
Character is valued far more superior to the very life itself.
People have forgotten the basic principles
of the culture of Bharat
and are following and adopting Western culture today.
Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness
of their cultural heritage
just as a mighty elephant is not aware of its own strength.
(Telugu Poem)
Human Beings Should Imbibe Human Values
The sacred land of Bharat, which was once highly reputed for men of sacrifice, is witnessing a sharp decline in moral values day after day. There is no unity whatsoever. Hatred is spreading like wild fire among men. Man is expected to cultivate human values like compassion, forbearance, love, truth, tolerance, etc. Human life will lose its significance if man loses human values. People may belong to different political parties, but they should have love for each other. But they are devaluing love due to their association with political parties. Parties are, in fact, parting people from each other and creating differences among them. Man is giving up the principle of love for the sake of petty worldly gains. Love is the birthright of man. Love all and be loved by all. Give up hatred, brush aside all differences and lead a life suffused with love. Today there is a decline in human values. Evil qualities like hatred, jealousy, pomp and show are on the rise. It is a matter of great shame to call oneself a human being without giving up these wicked qualities. If you call yourself a human being, show at least one human quality.
A Leader Should Always Speak Sweetly And Lovingly
Man has degenerated so much that he does not have love even for his own children. He is always filled with tension and temper. How can such a person work for the welfare of the nation?
Some people call themselves desha nayakas (leaders of the nation), but in practice they are desha nashakas (destroyers of the nation). One who works for the progress of the nation is a nayaka (true leader). One who calls himself a leader should always speak sweetly and lovingly. He should not indulge in criticism. Criticism is nothing but the reflection, reaction and resound of one’s wicked qualities. The bad qualities that one sees in others are nothing but the reflection of one’s own inner feelings. No one has the right to find fault in others. He is the worst sinner who indulges in fault-finding. The tongue is given to make others happy and to sing the glories of the Lord. You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly. The hands are given not to hurt others, but to earn one’s livelihood and perform acts of charity. The ears have been given not to listen to vain gossip, but to listen to the sacred stories of the Lord. In this manner, man should put each of his limbs to proper use and sanctify his life. Today science has advanced, but senses have become polluted. What is the use of acquiring education, which does not confer sensecontrol?
A foolish person boasts of high education and intelligence,
Yet does not know himself.
What is the use of all the education he
has acquired,
If man cannot give up his evil qualities? All the worldly education will only
lead him to vain argumentation, not total
It cannot lead him to immortality.
So, man should acquire that knowledge
which will make him immortal.
(Telugu Poem)
Abandon Everything That Is Bad
Love alone can confer immortality. Love is deathless. Love is changeless. All things in the world change or perish, love alone is immortal. How is one to achieve this state of immotality? Removal of immorality is the only way to immortality. You have to abandon bad thoughts, bad company, bad habits and everything that is bad. We find hatred all over the world these days. Deha (body) is being incinerated with dwesha (hatred). No separate cremation is required for the body; this blazing hatred itself will reduce it to ashes. Man brings about his own end by the fire of hatred.
Embodiments of Love!
Born as human beings, you should practise human values to retain your claim on humanness. All the powers that are manifest in the world are latent in man. All human virtues have been kept in high esteem in Bharat since ancient times.
This motherland of ours gave to the world noble souls renowned in all the continents.
It is the land which ousted the foreign rulers and achieved freedom.
This is the sacred land which achieved
Great heights in music, literature and science.
This divine land is the nursery of painting,
Sculpture and other fine arts.
O devotees, it is your bounden duty to
This Bharatiya tradition alive and
(Telugu Poem)
Do Not Pay Heed To Scandal-Mongers
This glorious tradition is slowly declining these days. It is enough if man retains his humanness. But sadly man seems to have lost his basic qualities of humanness. He has even lost the right to call himself a human being. You must have the courage of conviction to proclaim that you are a human being. You must also be able to proclaim the greatness of your motherland and act in such a way as to preserve its glory and reputation. You should declare with pride, “This is my motherland, this is my mother tongue!” It is sad and deporable that the Bharatiyas have lost respect and love for their mother tongue, motherland and culture. Men have reduced themselves to mere caricatures of humans. From ‘Shiva (embodiment of auspiciousness),
man has become shava (corpse). A person stuffed with hatred, jealousy, pride, ostentatiousness is no better than a corpse. Do not have anything to do with such characters. Those who bring a bad name to their country are worse than pests and worms. Do not pay heed to such scandal-mongers.
Recognise Your Divinity
Embodiments of Love!
Yesterday you saw the drama on Bhasmasura. He wanted that everything he touched should be reduced to ashes. What happened finally? He reduced himself to a heap of ashes. All evil qualities, anger, hatred, etc., are destructive. People are heroes on the platform but zeros in life. You think that you are criticizing somebody else, but in fact, it is your own self that you are abusing. Criticising others is a bad habit. One who abuses others is the worst sinner. One who sees the virtues of others is himself virtuous. Sarva Jeeva Namaskaram Kesavam Pratigachchhati (salutations to all beings reach God). Criticising anyone is criticising God Himself. Honouring anyone is honouring God.
Adherence to righteousness and respect for others are as important as the care of the body and love for your country. Man today is destroying his life by indulging in selfishness and greed. He has become so blind that he is unable to recognise the consequences of his actions. He neither knows his origin nor his goal. It is not the right attitude. It is not wisdom. It is ignorance.
Lord Krishna declared, Deho Devalaya Prokto Jeevo Deva Sanathana (body is the temple and the indweller is God Himself). Therefore, treat every human body as a temple and the indweller as God. Every individual is an aspect of divinity. Therefore, respect all individuals. Only then will your life acquire meaning and others will also respect you. Modern man does not have this perspective of life. He lacks broadmindedness. He respects none, but expects everybody to respect him. How is it possible? As is your company, so you become. That is why I say, tell Me your company, I shall tell you what you are.
God, who is pure, unsullied, eternal, immortal and omnipotent is very much present in you, beside you, above you, below you, all around you. You do not need to search for God outside because you are God yourself. If you develop this outlook, you can realize God. So long as you bind yourself with human limitations, you continue to be man. Give up your body attachment and recognise the divinity in you. Then you become liberated. God in the form of Vamana came to Emperor Bali to teach him this reality. He said, “Bali, you are no ordinary person. I am in you always wherever you are. Do not identify yourself with your body.” The human body is made up of mere refuse devoid of any fragrance. Are you merely this body? No. Body is merely a leather puppet. Inside the body, there is the eternal being.
The divine play between the Atma and Paramatma continues in the body.
They are together and separate at the same time.
God is the string-puller of this entire puppet play.
(Telugu Poem)
Why, wherefrom and what for have you come in this world? You have come from God, for God and to attain God. Be aware that God is with you always. If this kind of unity with God is attained, all your actions become pure.
Students Should Never Enter Into Politics
You have heard the speech given by a student from Srisailam Vidyapeeth. All the students of Srisailam Vidyapeeth are very pure and sacred. In fact, all students, everywhere have pure heart. It is the elders who spoil the innate goodness of the students. No matter what field you enter into, always have an attitude of service. Students should serve society. Serve everybody. Keep yourself pure. Do any work, but never enter into politics. Politics pollutes the mind. Politics has become synonymous with evil. If you want to ruin yourself, get into politics. If you want to be an ideal person and want to receive God’s grace, then cultivate all good qualities. In olden times, there were many ideal political leaders. They practised what they preached. That is why, quite a few students were drawn into politics. Even little urchins would collect in crowds to see leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan or Subhash Chandra Bose. They used to decorate their houses with pictures of such leaders. What do you see today? You get into any student’s room; you see nothing but pictures of film stars. You do not see pictures of ideal men today and do not listen to sacred words. Because people in those days were emulating ideal persons, their actions were also pure.
The Magnet Of Bhagawan’s Love
Embodiments of Love!
You should also have a pure heart. It is the purity of your heart that attracts everybody like a magnet. The whole world, in fact, is a magnet. Every object howsoever small, has this magnetic power. But in man this magnet is further magnified. This is the magnet of love. Love is God, live in love. This magnet of love must be pure. Everybody will then be attracted to you. A small example: All of you are here. Did I send you any invitation card? Did I send word to you? The magnet of My love has drawn all of you here. Bhagawan’s greatest property is love - boundless love. Bhagawan is not interested in any other property. There is no wealth greater than love anywhere. Therefore, you too should enhance this property of love in you. Speak with sweetness and concern with everyone. Such pleasing speech has become scarce. We hear harsh words all around. Speak softly and sweetly. Then all will become your friends.
Making friendship is nothing great in itself. You lose friends as easily as you make them. There is no point in having such friendship. Have friendship with God for which you should be prepared to sacrifice everything, even your body and life. Cultivate love.
Virtues are the most effective means of purifying the inner consciousness of man at all levels. For, they prompt the person to discover what to do and how to do. Only those who have earned good destiny can claim their excellence in discrimination. And, adherence to this determination is the raft that can take man across the ocean of flux and fear, the Bhava Sagara. The man of virtues has a place in the region of the liberated. Whatever the residual activity a person has perforce to engage himself in, the impact of that activity will not impinge on him, provided he is a man of virtues. He can merge in Brahman, the embodiment of Supreme Bliss.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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