Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 29 (1996)
Fill your hearts with love

Whether one is a great scholar
Or a ruler living in a mansion,
Or a hero who has won great victories,
Or a destitute grovelling in poverty,
Without love in his heart, he is nothing.
A devotee with love is more worthy of veneration.
Of what use are men in Bharath
Who can make the stones sing in joy,
Men who can play with the heads of the enemy, Men who can wield power over the land,
If they have no awareness
Of the wail of the oppressed,
When will they respond
To the cries of the poor?
EMBODIMENTS of Love! The cosmos is filled with love. Love is Righteousness. Love is Truth. The universe is based on love. Lost in the transient pleasures of worldly life, man is forgetting this supreme Love Principle.
What is the reason? Selfishness has grown and selflessness-has declined. Narrow-mindedness is widespread. Broadness of heart is on the wane. Desires have increased. Ideals are vanishing. Human life is dominated by selfishness and self-interest.
The ancient sages enthroned thyaga (sacrifice) on the highest pedestal. They adored Righteousness. Today these sublime ideals are forgotten in Bharath. As a consequence the country is racked by every kind of trouble.
A heart without love is a cemetery. Love demonstrates the existence of the Divine. It is all pervasive. It is the basis for human unity. Only when selfishness goes and faith in the Divine grows will human unity be achieved.
Hence, every human being should fill his heart with love.
God is love; Love is God. Love is linked to love.
When one is full of love
He is fit for oneness with God.
It is most vital for everyone to recognise and practice this Love Principle. At all times love has existed among the good and the bad, in the forest or in a palace, in attachment or in separation, in one's conduct as well as in one's speech, in the mind as well as in action. It is all-pervasive.
The power of love
The most powerful weapon to destroy the forces of evil rampant in the world today is love. Unfortunately men are not pursuing the right path to acquire this sacred love.
Love is the seed of love. It is also the branches, the flowers and the fruit. To enjoy the fruit of love, one has to practise Love.
Instead of seeking to know the true nature of love, man is engaged in the pursuit of wealth and power. No doubt wealth and power are necessary, but only within limits. The vast ocean, when it swells beyond its bounds, is censured for its misbehaviour. The human body and mind will be healthy only when food is consumed within limits. Excessive eating causes various disorders.
Everything in the world is governed by the bounds set for it. However, love has no limits. "Anirvachaneeyam Prema" (Love is beyond the power of words), declares the sage Naradha.
The flow of love is the life-giving water for everyone. How is this love to be secured by one? Not by Japa (chanting the Lord's name) or meditation or by studying the scriptures. God does not dwell in the Vedas or the Puranas. God dwells in the heart and should be sought there. People should close their mouths and open their hearts. Then they will experience the divine bliss.
Today love has been almost totally banished. Where love should prevail hatred has taken its place. Petty jealousy has usurped the place of compassion. Man can experience true happiness only when the appropriate qualities reside in their allotted places.
Transform your entire life into a saga of love. You will then lack nothing to make you happy. All wealth and position will be added unto you. Love conquers all.
Have a feeling of total surrender
What is the nature of this love? When praying to God, you should have a feeling of total surrender. If you are really keen about realising God, if you are hungering and thirsting for God, then you should cultivate this all-absorbing love. Mere expression of desire is not enough. You should endeavour to experience union with the Divine. If your heart is full of selfishness, how can you experience the Divine merely by a wish?
There is love of sorts today. It is related to the body consciousness and not to the Self which is the basis. Spiritual love begins with the concept of Dhasoham (I am your servant) and culminates in the concept of Soham (He and I are one). Without the feeling of Dhasoham, you cannot experience the feeling of Soham. ;Soham is the expression of divine oneness. "The Atma and I are one."
That Atma is Brahma. That is love. That is Truth. That is Righteousness.
Men have been concerned with the four goals of human life - the Purusharthas - -Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (Righteousness, wealth, sensuous desires and Liberation). But there is a fifth goal: Love. Only when love is achieved will the world become an earthly paradise.
Where love prevails, there will be no room for hatred or envy. Love can have no truck with evil thoughts and actions. Love should be steadfast and unwavering. If one goes on hopping from one Swami to another, from one form of worship to another, he will never experience love of the Divine. "One word, one path" - -that should be the aim.
Today thousands of people have gathered here. What has brought them together here? Love is the main cause. Without love few of you would have come from such distant places. How does this love express itself? It is a process of give and take. You have. to receive God's love. And you have to offer your love. But both are one and the same love. God's love is reflected in your bodies. That is the meaning of the Geetha declaration: "A fragment of mine is present in everyone in the cosmos."
Use the Divine element for the benefit of others
That Divine element in you should not be misused. It should be used for the benefit of others. The Divine principle of love is being treated with narrow ideas. From ancient times the sages welcomed this Principle with open arms. Naradha declared: "Ya-labhdhva puman siddho bhavathi, amrutho bhavathi, thriptho bhavathi" (Having gained Divine love, Parama Prema, a person becomes perfect, immortal and contented).
He considered Divine love as supreme over all things. Just as without sugar, no sweet will have sweetness, without love nothing in life can have any value. Your heart is inherently filled with love. But you are ignoring this plenitude and going after the trivial. Your real sustenance will come from this Divine love and not from other petty pleasures.
Every cell in the human body is filled with love. It is this microcosmic love that fills the entire cosmos.
Investment in devotion
You have no need to go in search of love elsewhere. It is all within you. A man makes every effort to accumulate wealth. An equal effort is needed to acquire the wealth of love. Men today invest their assets of love in pitiful ventures. Instead they should invest all their love in the Divine bank of devotion. This deposit is not only safe but will yield you increasing returns in terms of bliss. Your heart is the bank where your love for God should be deposited. Deposits elsewhere are insecure. Deposits of money may be in danger of being lost. But the deposit in your heart is immune from any kind of theft or loss. Make your deposit safe by "insuring" it within your heart. It is totally safe, though it has no bolts, doors or locks. This love has been characterized as Amritha-svaruupa (the form of eternal nectar). Nectar pleases only the palate. But Divine love confers eternal bliss which is sweeter than nectar. Everyone should resolve to acquire this nectarine Love.
Today your foremost duty is to enthrone thyaga (sacrifice). Only when sacrifice reigns, love will come into its own. All your latent potentialities will then manifest themselves. You will succeed in all your legitimate undertakings. When love becomes the ruling principle, sorrow and disappointment will disappear. That was why the Vedas declared that sacrifice alone is the key to immortal bliss. "God is love. How can you hope to realise God without love?" (Telugu poem).
How to manifest that love that is within you? You have to engage your hands in clapping as you chant the names of Rama, Krishna and others. Recite the names of the lord with your mouth. If you really desire to experience God-, you must remember the name of the Lord always like Prahladha: "Om namo Narayanaya." Sing the praises of the Lord like Radha and Meera. Worship the Lord like Jayadheva, Gauranga and Thukaram. Shed tears in devotion before the figure of the lord like Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. Then you will experience the Lord. People shed tears over petty things, but do not shed a single tear for the Lord. There are two kinds of tears: tears of joy and tears of sorrow. What you have to shed for God are tears of joy.
Power of the Lord's name
When Krishna was being weighed in a balance, all the jewels of Sathyabhama could not balance His weight. Rukmini then came and declared that the mere chanting of the name of Krishna would be equal to His weight. By the additional offer of a leaf, a flower or a little water, the scales will be tilted against Krishna. So saying she placed a thulasi leaf on the scale. And lo! it went down. The tulasi leaf carried the full weight of Rukmini's boundless love for Krishna. All the jewels of Sathyabhama were of no avail. But Rukmini's invoking the name of Krishna and offering a thulasi leaf with a love-filled heart titled the scales against Krishna. Such is the power of the Lord's name and a love-filled offering to the Lord. The Lord is not swayed by wealth or scholarship, power or position. Love alone can move Him.
If you wish to sway the lord, you must offer love and love alone. Today unfortunately love has become scarce. Even material love is disappearing. But God's love is boundless. In whatever manner you may love Him, He responds in equal measure. But without love, you have no right to seek His love. Filled with bad feelings and thoughts, if you pray to the pure and unsullied Lord, how do you expect to win His grace? If you remain pure at least in your shrine, you may acquire some fragment of divine love.
There are any number of able exponents of spirituality. But of what use are their discourses if they do not practise what they preach?
Manifest your love
Embodiments of the Divine! If you are really filled with devotion, manifest your love for God who is the very embodiment of love. If you are genuinely hungering and thirsting for God, partake of Divine love to appease your hunger and quench your thirst.
Divine love is the only panacea for all your troubles and miseries arising from insatiable desires and frustrated ambitions. God's love is like a lighthouse beacon. It shows you the right path. Divert the boat of your life towards the lighthouse of Divine love. You are then bound to gain the shore of bliss.
You do not need any special type of penance or meditation. Meditate on love. Fill your mind with love. Even while attending to your daily chores, regard all of them as offerings to the Divine. God is omnipresent. See God in everything and every being. Let love grow in your hearts like the waxing moon. Divine love will not wane like the moon. Let such steadfast love be enshrined in your heart. As Thukaram said: Dhil me Ram, hath me kam (Ram in the heart and work in the hand).
The duty of everyone from today onwards is to cultivate true, unsullied love. With love of God you can secure anything. Without that love, you will only be steeped in misery.
Do not divorce yourself from Nature
Let the Buddhist prayer be your guide. First, take refuge in your intellect - Buddham Sharanam Gachchami. Divert that intellect to the service of society - Sangham Sharanam Gachchami. Then you will find refuge in Bliss - Anandham Sharanam Gachchami.
Do not divorce yourself from Nature. "Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagath" (The cosmos is permeated by the Divine). Hence recognise the Divine even in your enemy. His heart is bound to change. When you love even the one who has harmed you, he is also bound to change. Do not allow your love to be affected in any way.
When people pray to God, sometimes doubts may arise as to whether and how the Lord will respond. Such doubts arose even in the mind of Radha..But all doubts disappeared when she realised that the whole universe was the mansion of God and there was no need to keep any door open or closed. All that was needed was complete surrender to God. The mystic significance of the songs of the saints and devotees like Radha and Meera should be rightly understood. (Bhagawan sang a Meera Bhajan, "Chalo re man" to explain the esoteric meaning of the song).
Sing the glories of God
God is moved by the devotee's heart-felt song. He becomes one with the devotee. No other form of worship has the same effect of God. It is enough if you do the singing within yourself. (Bhagawan demonstrated by singing the opening lines of a song, "Rama nannu kapadu", how a melodious prayer can move the heart of anyone). Make music the passport to merger with the Divine. Music is the gift of God. Only the gifted ones can sing sweetly, appealingly and delightfully. We-.have here M.S. Subbalakshmi. From her early years, she dedicated herself to music, which filled her heart. This kind of soulful music cannot be acquired by anybody. It can come only through God's grace.
When you sing in public you can give delight to many. But if you cannot do so, you can sing to yourself. It will delight your heart and sweeten it. Immerse yourself in all work with love. Whatever you do, consider it as gifts from God. When you have malaria, you have to take the bitter quinine mixture. But that is the medicine for your ailment. Likewise, when adversity confronts you, treat it as a kind of medicine for your good. God has to be melted and beaten to make a jewel. A diamond is cut to make it more brilliant. Likewise troubles in life serve to refine a person. Love should enable you to welcome even hardships as meant for your own good.
Today this body enters on its seventy first year. This body is made up of the five elements and is essentially impermanent. Do not attach much importance to the body. Take to heart the Love Principle that is being conveyed to you. My entire life is filled with love. I have never put anyone at any time to any kind of suffering. I have never done any harm to anyone. I have hated no one. I have no aversion to anybody. What is the reason? It is my love that is transforming others. I am now 71. But no one can know what accounts for my condition. I may act as if I am angry on some occasions, but the anger does not stem from the heart but is confined to the tongue. From head to foot I am filled only with love. It is this love which has attracted the whole world.
I do not desire anything. I have three P's. One is Purity. Second is Patience. Third is Perseverance. It is these three which have secured the world's regard. No invitations were issued to those who have gathered here. Swami's love alone attracted them all like a magnet. Some may ask why they are not attracted to Swami if that magnet is so powerful. The reason is that these persons are like rusted iron which no magnet can attract. Let them remove the rust and dust and they will be drawn to the magnet. Their hatred and desires, their envy and greed are the rust and dust covering them. If you cleanse yourselves of these, wherever you are, you will be mine and I will be yours. The hapless and the forlorn, wherever they may be, are the concern of Sai. Promote sacred love in your hearts. That love will not only redeem your lives but will promote the well-being of all around you.
You need not offer anything except love. In Prashanthi Nilayam no offerings are permitted. Only love is allowed entry.
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