Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 31 (1998)
Knowledge without practice is meaningless

Speech is the cause of prosperity Speech secures friends and kinsmen Speech brings about bondage.
Speech can also lead to certain death.
Embodiments of Love!
The power of speech gifted to mankind is very important and majestic. It gives him all the wealth. So, we should talk sweetly and softly in an acceptable manner. Only such sweet talk will give us all the affluence and prosperity. Words can win many friends and relations and even kingdoms. We may have a few relations, but with our sweet talk, we can develop good relationship with the entire world. Sacred talk will give us all the education and elevate us to exalted positions. But we should also know that words spoken with bad thoughts and bad feelings will not only lead you to bondage but also put you to death. Both good and bad are present in the words we utter. For the one with sweet words, the universe itself becomes the mansion. He will feel the caste of humanity prevailing everywhere. So, words form the basis to make you feel humanity as one caste and the universe as the mansion. To attain Divinity, one has to take to the spiritual path. Good words coupled with humility will take you to higher levels
Divinity within and without
The whole world is one, though you may find multiplicity. In this world of plurality, there is the underlying principle of unity. Of all the numbers 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, the most important number is 1. AIl the other numbers are mere modifications of number 1. 1+1 becomes 2. 9–1 becomes 8. Thus 1 forms the basis for all the numbers. This is the unity in multiplicity, This unity is the Truth.
Vedas say: “Om ithyekaksharam Brahma,” - the syllable OM is Brahman. Divinity is not separate from OM. Out of this unity, the world has emerged. But you do not understand this Truth and take to different paths, with aspirations and ambitions.
In fact, there is no difference between the world and Divinity. Just as different limbs form a complete human body, in the same way, human beings are like the limbs of society. Society forms the limb of the entire humanity, humanity forms a limb of Nature and Nature is a limb of Divine. Therefore, humanity, society and Nature are all the limbs of the Divine.
“Sarvatah Pani Padam, Tath Sarvathokshi Shirornukham Sarvatah Sruthimalloke Sarvama Iruthya Thistathi.” All forms belong to the one and the same Divinity. Veda has also declared that there is Divinity within and outside (Anthar Bahischa Tath Sarvavyapya Narayana Sthithaha).
The grain is Divine, the husk is Nature. This is the relationship between the Divine and the world, The Gita says, “Marnaivamsho Jeevaloke Jeevabhoothah Sanathanaha,” which means all are the sparks of the Divine.
In the modern world, every individual wants something or other. Do you think a person loves an object for the sake of the object? No, he loves it for his own sake. Similarly, a person loves another for his own happiness. So, in this world whatever man does is for his own sake.
There are very few individuals who see unity in diversity. But there are plenty who see diversity in unity. Only the lives of those who see unity in diversity are sanctified. In order to understand this underlying principle of unity, you need a guru (preceptor). In modern times, we call them teachers.
Teaching is the noblest profession
Today, some people say that one takes to the teaching profession when one has no other alternative. It is a mistaken view. The teaching profession is the noblest of all. The teacher has got all the capacity to mould the careers of the students committed to his care.
Bala Gangadhar Tilak struggled hard for the freedom of this country. One day, a friend of Tilak questioned him, “Tilak, you have been working hard for our independence. After independence what post would you like to take up? Will you be the Prime Minister or hold some other portfolio?” Tilak smilingly replied that he would never give up the sacred teaching profession for a ministerial post. He said that, being a teacher, he could train a number of students as ideal leaders of this country. He considered the teaching profession as the noblest.
What qualities are required for a person who has taken up such a noble profession? A teacher should have sacred feelings and undertake sacred actions. He should never entertain bad habits. What is the reason? It is quite natural for the students to follow their teacher. A teacher is one who shapes the future of students. So, a teacher should never indulge in bad habits like smoking, drinking, and eating non-vegetarian food. Students observe the habits of their teachers. If the teacher himself indulges in these bad habits, he will not have the right to advise his students to leave these vices. Not merely this, a teacher should never utter a lie and should never resort to stealing.
A teacher should speak words born out of sacred feelings. Virtues, good intellect, truth, devotion, discipline, duty - these are the attributes expected of a teacher. Only then will the students be able to emulate him. We cannot estimate the contribution of a teacher to society, it is he who can build the society or ruin it. A teacher carries with him many responsibilities. He should have a good mind to discharge these responsibilities.
Depend only on God
You all know that fifty years ago, the young and the old of this country struggled hard for independence, giving up all their properties and belongings. What do you mean by “independence”? It means that you do not depend on others. Do you find such a situation today? It is fifty years since this country attained independence. Though fifty years have passed after independence, we continue to depend on others. We have taken loans from many countries. When you are indebted to many countries, how can you say you are independent? If you are truly independent, you should never depend on others.
If you are in need of money, does it mean that you should take loans from others? No. You have to reduce your expenditure, pomp, and show. Only then you can save money.
But Bharathiyas (Indians) have not understood their present position and continue to take loans. Gradually this will lead to a position wherein you have to struggle for independence for the second time. During British rule, we suffered a lot and ultimately attained independence. But if we continue to take loans, we will be again under the control of others. So, we should not resort to taking loans.
Never be a slave
Students today should be totally independent. They should inquire into the true meaning of the word swechcha (independence). Swa + ichcha = swechcha. Swa means Atma. So, the Will of the Self is called swechcha. Therefore, following the conscience is true swechcha.
But students today do not understand the true meaning of this term and roam about in the streets and behave, as they like, in the name of swechcha. Students should exercise control over their movement, speech, and life. Only then can they work for the progress of this world. Right from the tender age, students should strive to attain swechcha in the true sense of the term. That why I always say “Start early, Drive slowly, Reach safely.” You do not need to follow anyone else; follow your conscience. That is swechcha. You should never be a slave.
There is a small story to illustrate this: When the King of Darapur expired, his young son was coronated. Being so young, the prince was immersed in many doubts. He went on, thinking how to run the administration. He was not able to know who was good and who was bad. He did not know whom to approach for guidance. He thought that he should keep up the reputation of his father and grandfather.
One day, sitting in the palace, he noticed groups of people moving across the royal street. He inquired as to where they were all heading. He was told that they were going to listen to the discourse of a noble soul. He too joined them, incognito. He thought he could get his doubts cleared by the saint. He sat in the congregation and heard all the sacred teachings. He was extremely happy. People returned to their homes at the end of the discourse, but, the king remained there. As the saint also got up to go, his shawl got entangled to a nail of his chair. As a result, the shawl got torn. Immediately, the saint brought a needle and thread and was trying to get the thread into the eye of the needle.
The king, in disguise, was watching all this. He said, “Swamiji, you are trying to stitch an old shawl, please leave it aside and accept the new shawl that I have brought with me.” The saint said, “I don't want a new shawl. If you really want to help me, help me put this thread through the eye of this needle.” The king did accordingly. Then the saint stitched his own shawl, turned to the king and said, “Listen to me. I don’t like to depend on others. I want to lead an independent life. Man should never be dependent on others. We should depend only on God.” With these words, all the doubts of the king were cleared. He realised that God is the basis of all, and only through selfconfidence could he achieve what he wanted. He went to his palace and began following the dictates of his conscience. He did not consult anybody or seek advice from others. He became more independent. He developed an attitude to distinguish between the ephemeral and the permanent.
Practice what you learn
The saint had also told the king, “You may be a man of wisdom, but if you don’t practice, you will be like a donkey carrying dirty clothes.” You should not become like that. Try to practice at least one or two good principles in life. Not merely that, we should help others to put into practice what little they know.
Education that is not put into practice, becomes unsacred. What is the use of receiving degrees if they are not helpful to society. Serve society, and share your knowledge with others.
The best way to love God is to Love All and Serve All.”
What is the use of receiving degrees if you sit idle at home and keep applying for jobs without serving society? Many graduates only apply without any reply! What is the use of leading such a life? At least, till you get a job, serve society. Go to the villages and serve the needy. In fact, one who serves (kinkara) is greater than the leader (Sankara).
Having known the Truth, What is the use if you do not follow it? Ravana had 10 heads, which symbolize 6 Sastras (spiritual texts), and 4 Vedas. He was a master of 64 types of knowledge. He built the city of Lanka in gold. In terms of learning, he was on par with Rama. But what is the use of all his learning? He became a slave to his senses. Because he could not control his desires he not only ruined himself but also his entire clan. The Lanka was completely reduced to ashes.
Ultimately Ravana repented in the end, he said, “Though I was the master of all knowledge, I did not put them into practice. O people, do not get spoilt like me. Though I had all the wealth, I could not enjoy anything because of excessive desires.”
Every person has the three gunas in them
Of the three brothers Ravana, Vibhishana, and Kumbhakarna, Ravana symbolized rajo guna (passionate quality), Vibhishana symbolized satwa guna (serene, pure quality), and Kumbhakarna was the embodiment of tamo guna (lethargic, dull quality). Every man has these three attributes in him. They originate out of the human mind.
Kumbhakarna, who stood for tamasic quality, spent his entire life eating and sleeping. Ravana, who symbolized rajo guna was responsible for the destruction of the Rakshasa clan. It was only the satwic Vibhishana who could get the grace of Rama. So, man should not give room for rajasic and tamasic qualities in him. Ravana constantly worshipped Easwara (God). It is not enough if you worship God, you should put His words into practice. You should give up all wicked qualities.
When Ravana was about to breath his last, Rama summoned Lakshmana and told him, “The one of great penance and wisdom is going to die. Go and listen to his last words.” Obeying the command of his brother, Lakshmana went close to Ravana and listened to his words carefully. Ravana said, “I achieved whatever I wanted, but only three of my wishes remain unfulfilled. I wanted to convert the salt water of the sea surrounding Lanka into sweet water. I wanted to make those who suffer in hell enjoy the comforts of heaven. I wanted to connect hell and heaven with a ladder. But, I went on postponing them and ultimately could not accomplish them.” Lakshmana returned to Rama and told the last words of Ravana. Rama smiled and said, “Lakshmana, what is the use of repenting in the end? The moment he wanted to do good, he should have done so immediately.”
Purvathapam and paschathapam
Some people think twice before they undertake any action. That is called purvathapam. There is another category of people who act in haste and repent for their mistakes at the end. That is pashchathapam. It was Arjuna who had this purvathapam. Before the commencement of war, he said, “Krishna, how can I bear the sight of my kith and kin being slain in the war. My head is reeling, I don't want to be here. Let us go home.” Valmiki described Ravana as wicked and Rama as noble. What is the difference between these two? Rama sacrificed everything and became an ideal to everybody. The blissful state he had at the time of getting ready for coronation was very much the same when he was asked to go on an exile. That is the spirit of equanimity at times of pleasure and pain.
Rama put into practice the education he received, whereas Ravana merely accumulated knowledge without practicing it. Ravana could not digest all that he learnt. As a result suffered from “indigestion”. Greatness lies in putting into practice, not in learning.
Students! Whatever you believe to be good, do put into practice. Both teachers and students play an important role in laying the royal road for the future, if you spend your time in acquiring knowledge, without having faith in God, your life will be useless. Neither penance nor japa (soft repetition of the Name) can take you across the ocean of samsara. You should serve the good people.
Talk less, work more
You should not waste your time. “Asthiram yavvanarn dhanam, dharmam keerthi, dvayam sthiram (Youth and money are temporary; truth and good name are permanent and eternal).” So, we should uphold Truth and Goodness.
There is no God other than Truth. Truth is the same in all the three periods of time. What is the difference between Truth and Fact? You may put on a coat today and wear a different dress tomorrow. This is not Truth, it is only a fact, because it is subject to change. But Truth always remains the same.
The Gita refers to Truth as Ritham. So, Truth is not reporting what you see, hear, and experience. What you see and hear is worldly truth. It is not Truth in the strict sense of the word. It is only external truth (pravritthi sathyam). But the inward Truth (nivritthi sathyam) remains the same in the past, present, and the future.
See that the words that you speak are sacred. “You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly.” That is enough. Try to speak sweetly and softly. I have told you many times, “Talk less, work more.” The one who talks excessively cannot work. The one who works will not talk. What is the reason for you not remembering all that you read? It is excessive talk. By talking less, your memory power will increase. Not merely this, your Atmic power will also improve.
Whatever you hear, try to recapitulate, then put into practice. Sravanarn, mananam, nidhidhyasanam (listening, recapitulating, and practicing). These three are very essential. Sravanam can be compared to cooking in the kitchen. Mananam can be compared to bringing the food to the dining hall and serving it. Nidhidhyasanam can be compared to the eating process. When all these three are unified, you will have health and happiness.
So, if you want to lead a life of contentment, recapitulate and practice whatever you have studied. Today, we find bookish knowledge everywhere, which is nothing but superficial knowledge. This superficial knowledge is of no use, You should be thorough in practical knowledge.
See that you do not have a questionable character
Teachers, Embodiments of Love!
In order to shape your students into ideal citizens, you should lead ideal lives. Students are the future leaders of this country.
How will you bring about transformation in students? First, let there be transformation in you, then try for transformation among students. If you tell your students not to smoke without yourself giving up smoking, will they listen to you? No. See that you do not have a questionable character. Only then you will be a good teacher in the strict sense of the term.
You should have very good habits. You should speak softly and use sweet words. You should talk to students with love and encourage them, You should groom the students into ideal citizens.
Students should not crave city life. They should live in their own villages and try to develop them. Today, the culture of Bharat (Ancient India) is found only in villages. We should sustain it.
But students run after urban life, leaving behind their villages. What do they do in cities? They lead a life full of vices. In cities, you do not find fear of sin and love for God. Once you have love for God, then there will be fear of sin. Naturally, there will be morality in society. So, first develop Love for God. With this Love for God, you can achieve anything in life.
Know that the safety of the country is important
Great leaders like Winston Churchill and Kennedy first served in the Army and worked for the welfare of their countries before they occupied exalted positions. When it comes to serving your country, you should be ready to take up any task. You should know that the safety of the country is important. “Janani janma bhoomishcha swargadapi gareeyasi (Mother and motherland are greater than the Heaven itself.)” After the death of Ravana, Vibhisbana fell at the feet of Rama and said, “Swami, I never aspired to be the King of Lanka. I only wanted my brother to give up his bad qualities. I pray to you to take over the Kingdom of Lanka.” All the rakshasas also came and prayed to Rama that he should become King of Lanka.
Lakshmana also supported them saying, “O brother, Bharatha is already ruling over Ayodhya. Even if you return to Ayodhya, you may not be crowned as the King. So, I request you to take over this kingdom and transform all the rakshasas. Lanka is full of golden mansions. Where else can you find such a beautiful place? I will be very happy if you rule over this Kingdom. Rama lovingly took Lakshmana close to him and said, “Lakshmana, how could you get such a silly desire? Just because your mother is ugly, can you call any other beautiful woman as your mother? Even though my country is poor compared to Lanka, I still consider it as my mother. Lanka may be full of gold, but I don't want it.” Students should develop this kind of love and faith toward their country. The teachers should inculcate such spirit of patriotism in students. You should declare wholeheartedly with a sense of pride that this is my country, this is My mother tongue.
But modern students do not have such a type of national feeling. The moment they receive their Engineering and MBBS degrees, they start applying for passport and visa. This is not the right attitude.
Unity is the greatest wealth
Students! The sacred feelings that emerge out of your heart should be exported, and you should import all the good that is outside. You do not need any passport or visa to do this! You should know the truth that everything is within you. You do not need to crave anyone, not even for God, because you are all the sparks of the Divine. You have got divine qualities and divine powers. Without the divine power in you, you would not be able to study and secure good marks in your subjects.
So, everything is within you. You are the Embodiment of Peace, Love, and Ananda. You are the Embodiment of God. Have full faith in this Truth.
When you lead your life with full faith in God, you will never be put to difficulties. “Life is a Challenge, Meet it; Life is Love, Enjoy it; Life is Energy, Skill it and do not kill it.” When you skill this energy, there will be perfect balance in whatever you do. Once you have this balance, you will have Insight. Due to the absence of insight, you develop Outlook. Whatever you see outside, is from within. So develop inner view.
Students! Having learnt all these sacred qualities here, you should join hands and work together for the welfare of society. There is no higher wealth than unity. Unity should be the aim of your life. Only through practice can you achieve this. If all 95 crore people of this land of Bharath (India) developed this sacred quality, “I and You are One,” you can very well imagine the sacred heights you could achieve.
Treat everyone with brotherly love. The mother beats the child when it commits a mistake. Later, she fondles the child with love and affection She beats the child for its own good in such a way that the sound is more but the pain is less, Similarly, if anyone commits a mistake, punish him. Only the sound should be heard, but he should not feel the pinch of it.
God does the same, the punishment given by God is only for protection. The doctor removes the ulcer from the stomach by cutting it open with a knife. Just because he uses a knife, can you call him a wicked person? No. He does it for your own good. Similarly, God punishes you only out of Love. Love lives by giving and forgiving; self lives by getting and forgetting.
So, there should not be even a trace of selfishness in you. Do anything with Love, the result will certainly be good. Love is God, Live in Love. Talk to your friends with love. Help them in times of need.
Have unflinching faith in Me; I shall take care
I will give you an example from my life. When this body was in Uravakonda, studying 6th class, there used to be the E.S.L.C. exams. We three students, Suresh and Ramesh on either side and Myself in the middle, used to sit on the same bench. They were dullards. At the time of examinations, they approached Me for help. They said, “Sathya, we cannot study without you. Some way or the other, you should help us in the examinations.” I will never say No to anyone. I said, “I will certainly help.” I told them the questions that would appear in the next day’s examination and taught them the answers. too.
E.S.L.C. was a public examination. My examination Register No. was 6, whereas the numbers of Suresh and Rarhesh were 60 and 600. You can imagine it yourself, how far our chairs were placed from each other. It was not possible for them to copy. They said that they would not take the exam. Then I told them, “Having studied the entire year, it is not proper on your part to skip the exam. You must appear for the examination, whatever may be the outcome. Have unflinching faith in me; I shall take care.” Though it is not supposed to be done, there is nothing wrong, when you are doing it for a good cause.
The duration of the examination was 2 hours. The stationeries were supplied by the teachers. I completed My answer paper in just 5 minutes. Then I took some more papers from the invigilator and wrote the answers in Ramesh’s handwriting. After completing it, I took another set of papers and wrote the answers in Suresh's handwriting. I also wrote their names on the answer sheets and kept them with Me. I had already told them not to get up before I got up from My chair.
At the end of two hours, when the final ball was given, the examiners started asking the students to surrender the answer sheets. All the students got up, and I silently went and placed all the three answer papers on the table. All of us came out of the examination hall. Nobody raised any objection. After 10 days, when the results were announced, only we three got first class. The teachers were surprised at how Ramesh and Suresh also got first class. They questioned them in the class, “How could you write well?” The boys said, “we wrote then, but now we don't remember.”
There are none who got ruined with faith in God
There was no scope for any doubt. They could not have copied from Me, since we were seated far from each other. All three answer papers were in our own handwritings. Then where was the scope for doubt? I told them, “I never let down those who have reposed their full faith in Me. There are a number of people who ruined themselves for want of faith. But there are none who got ruined with faith in God. There may be ups and downs in between, but finally they emerge victorious.
Due to many changes that took place at Uravakonda, I stopped attending school. All the teachers and the students started coming to the residence to see Me. I gave them whatever they liked. The owners of the house could not bear all this and sent a telegram to the parents, asking them to come and take Me. I boarded the bus to Puttaparthi. All the boys also wanted to come to Puttaparthi. I told them that it was not possible to reach Puttaparthi by bus, because there were no proper roads. The buses could reach only up to Dharmavaram or Penukonda. There were no roads to Puttaparthi 60 years back. So I told them not to come.
When I was in the school I used to lead the prayer. Everyday from the dais, I would sing a song emphasising the unity of all religions. Everyone, including the teachers, would join in chorus blissfully. When I left the School, there was none to lead the prayer. There was a Muslim student by name Abdul Gaffur. He had a good voice and could sing well. That day he was asked to lead the prayer. The moment he was on the stage, be remembered Me and started crying loudly. Then all cried and the prayer was canceled.
When I came to Puttaparthi, Ramesh and Suresh could not bear the separation from Me. One should not do like this, but Ramesh went on crying, “Raju, you have left us, you have left us, I cannot live without you,” and fell into a well and died.
The second boy went on repeating, “Raju, Raju, Raju” and ultimately turned mad. He was taken to a hospital in Bangalore. His father came to Me and prayed, “Swami, he is your classmate and my only son. Please come and give him darshan at least once.” I went to Bangalore and saw him in a mental hospital. The boy was continuously repeating “Raju, Raju,” and was not looking at anyone. I went up to him and said, “Suresh, I am Raju, I have come for you, look at Me.” Hearing this, be lifted his head, saw Me, and closed his eyes permanently.
The same Ramesh and Suresh were born as Jack and Jill. When I was in Patha Mandir (Old Mandir), these two puppies were with Me. It was I who christened them. One used to sleep near My feet and the other near My head. They used to bark at any person at sight. They were always with Me.
One day, the Rani of Mysore came to Me. Since there were no proper roads to Puttaparthi, she alighted from the ear at Karnatakapalli and walked the rest of the distance. The driver had his dinner in Puttaparthi and was returning to Karnatakapalli. I called Jack and asked him to accompany the driver and show him the way. Jack walked in the front, and the driver followed. The driver was surprised as to how a dog could show him the way. Then I said, it was not DOG, that was showing him the way, but the inner being GOD.
Next morning, the driver started the car, not knowing that Jack was sleeping under it. The wheel of the car ran over the back of Jack and its backbone broke. Jack dragged his body, across the river, all the while wailing. A washerman by name Subbanna, a respected person in the village, noticed Jack and came running to Me. He said, “Swami, Jack is coming, wailing in pain.” I came out; Jack came close to me crying loudly, fell at My feet and breathed his last. After three days, Jill also died. The Brindavan (tulasi plant) that you find behind the Patha Mandir is the Samadhi of these two dogs.
We should give and take only Love
Ramesh and Suresh had very noble feelings. One day, in school, the drill master said that all the boys should join the Scouts. I am telling you the Truth. I did not have even a single paisa with me. That was the position then. I could not ask for money at home, since their condition was also poor. If one has 10 rupees, one was considered very rich in those days. If one had 100 rupees, he was equal to a millionaire!
The drill teacher said that we should get a khaki shirt, khaki knickers (shorts), a belt, a whistle, and a pair of boots. How could I get this? I was in Kamalapuram, at that time.
Knowing that I did not have money with Me, Ramesh asked his father to get him two pairs of khaki dress stitched. We were all of the same height then. He packed a pair of knickers, a shirt, and a pair of socks and wrote on it, “Raju, if you don't accept it, I will commit suicide. You are My life. You must accept this. Our friendship must develop this way.” I removed that paper and put another, and wrote on it, “If our friendship is to develop, there should be no giving and taking. We should give and take only Love. There should be no material transaction. So I will not accept this.” The boy felt very sad.
I used to compose excellent poetry in those days. I speak in simple language to make the translator’s job easy. Otherwise, I can speak in a lofty style. There was a businessman by name, Kotte Subbanna. He had brought a new medicine, by name, Balabhaskara for sale. He requested Me to compose a song on the efficacy of that medicine, which, he said, would serve as a good advertisement, so that it would be sold well. I composed a beautiful song. Hearing that song, he lost himself in ecstasy and got some sweets prepared at home and brought them for Me. The medicine was sold in large quantities because of the advertisement. He was overjoyed and bought two shirts and two knickers for Me. I said to him, “Are you paying the price for the song I composed? I will not accept this.” He cried, and said that he would not take them home. Then I told him that he could as well give them to some beggars on the street.
Right from that tender age, I never received anything from others. I only give and give and give, I never receive. But only for one thing, I stretch My hand and that is pure Love. Love is also not your property. Love is God’s property. So, I am asking you for My own property. You are misusing the Love given to you, therefore you are suffering. You have to surrender your Love to God in order to be happy, Thus, as a student, I always helped others and made everybody happy. Being Sai students, you should also make others happy. Never make anybody suffer. Help Ever, Hurt Never. Develop this quality.
There are other things that students should take care of. Some students get the homework done by their brothers or sisters. This amounts to cheating their teacher. This is not correct. Students should do homework themselves. They should develop good qualities. Good qualities will become God qualities.
During the British rule, children were addressed as “God boys”. Later on, due to the effect of Macaulay’s system of education, “God boy” became “Good boy'”. After some time, “Good boy” became “Good-bye”. Later on, even “Good” was removed, and only “Bye-bye” remained. “God boy” has come down to the level of “Bye-bye” due to the effect of modern education. You should remain as “God boys” and “Good boys” and never come down to the level of “Bye-bye”. You should set an ideal through your education and conduct.
I might have caused you lot of inconvenience by speaking for such a long time. Now, you may go back to Muddenahalli and Alike, discharge your duties, and attain success in your endeavors. I visit Muddenahalli now and then, but it is almost 12 years, since I last visited A!ike. Now I will certainly go to Alike. I will also take some of the College boys with Me. From Puttaparthi, I will go straight to Mangalore. I will make you all happy there. Be always happy, happy, happy.
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