Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 31 (1998)
Obey God's commands

Just as dogs bark at the mighty elephant, Some people may heckle noble souls. Neither the elephant nor the noble souls Suffer any loss on this account.
Due to the effect of the Kali Age, we come across many such situations. On hearing the melodious singing of cuckoo birds, crows out of jealousy start cawing at them. But that does not deter cuckoos from singing. In the same way, seeing the swans, cranes make fun of them. But the swans are least affected. Similarly, one who has realised his true identity will be neither elated by praise nor depressed by blame.
Human life is the gift of God. If only you make proper use of this gift, your life as a human being will find fulfilment. Human beings can be classified into three types: (1) adham (low and mean), (2) madhyam (average), and (3) uttham (noble). The human body can be compared to a sacred vessel. Utttham is one who makes proper use of this vessel gifted by God. Adham is one who uses the body for unsacred purposes without understanding its value. Madhyam is one who makes use of the body both for sacred and unsacred purposes.
What is the use of having a cosy bed, a soft pillow, and a ceiling fan if one does not get proper sleep? Likewise, man, in spite of being endowed with a heart like a bed, a mind like a soft pillow, and an intellect like a ceiling fan, does not enjoy peace and happiness. Then what for are these - the heart, the mind and the intellect?
Life devoid of peace and happiness is no life at all
We describe the heart as pure and unsullied. We also attribute the quality of all-pervasiveness to the mind (Mano moolam idam jagath). We describe the intellect as the transcendental principle (atheendriyam). God has gifted these instruments to man so that he can enjoy peace and happiness In spite of these valuable instruments, man does not have peace and happiness. We say that human life is the rarest and most precious (Nara janma durlabham), but does your conduct deserve such a description? You are not making proper use of the mind and the intellect and not keeping the heart pure. As a result, you do not experience peace and happiness. Life devoid of peace and happiness is no life at all.
Great men say that in order to enjoy peace and happiness in life, you need to develop a sense of detachment. Detachment does not mean leading a life of seclusion in a forest, leaving family and property.
Students should understand the true spirit of the word. ‘renunciation’. You should realise that this gross world is inert. Consider the subtle aspect of this world as illusion and the causal aspect as only a reflection. Only when you understand the gross, subtle, and causal aspects of the world can you have renunciation. But man believes this gross world as real, forgetting the Primal Cause, God.
Make an effort to know the value of human life
These three aspects that constitute the apparent world will delude you. You should understand the Primal Cause, the Atmic Principle. Only then can you experience bliss and peace. You should make an effort to know the value of human life. Human being is called Nara. What is the meaning of Nara? It means the embodiment of the Self, the Atma.
The gopikas (cowherd maids) used to pray thus: “Kleem krishnaya, govindaya, gopijanavallabhaya swaha.” Kleem means the earth. Krishnaya means water. Govindaya means fire. Gopijanavallabhaya refers to air. Swaha refers to ether (akasa). There is no life or place in this world without these five elements. They are present everywhere. This is how the gopikas described Krishna as all-pervasive.
God, who is in the form of five elements, is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. So, the main duty of mankind is to make proper use of these five elements. Misuse of these five elements amounts to misuse of Divinity.
Man considers his body as everything and spends his entire life in the pursuit of bodily comforts and conveniences. Body is bound to perish. Though a 100-year life span is stipulated, you cannot take it for granted. Death can occur either in boyhood or in youth or in old age. Nobody can say when one would die.
Then why should you take such great pains for the sake of your body, which is like a water bubble? Having taken a human birth, you should lead an ideal life and make everyone happy. You should not give undue importance to the body; treat it only as an instrument.
Mind is like a fan. Only when you turn the fan in your direction can you enjoy the breeze. Similarly, only when you turn your mind toward God can you experience the breeze of bliss. But if you turn your mind toward the world and say that you are not able to experience bliss, only you are to be blamed. You have to turn your mind toward God, not the body. All the actions that you do for bodily comforts are useless.
The heart is always filled with peace, love, and bliss
You cannot find peace outside; it is within your heart. So, search within. The heart is always filled with peace, love, and bliss. It is the basis for all sacred qualities such as compassion, love, tolerance, etc. All that emanates out of your heart is sacred. Body is the root cause of all six evil qualities (desire, anger, greed, pride, attachment and jealousy). So, do not be attached to the body.
Human life is very sacred and highly valuable. The mind, the intellect, and the senses are mere instruments. But you are not making an effort to know this. You are only trying to understand the nature of the instruments, but not the Atmic Principle, which is the primordial basis of life. Your life will be sanctified only when you understand the Atmic Principle.
People undertake many spiritual practices in order to sanctify their lives, but without purity of heart all these will be of no use. First, purify your heart. Do not give scope for wicked feelings such as desire, anger, and greed. In the spiritual path, these three are the worst enemies.
In the Ramayana, Ravana is a symbol of lust and desire. Ravana was one who did great penance and received boons from the Lord. He had mastered all sixty-four types of knowledge. Such a mighty and great person like Ravana succumbed to desire and ultimately ruined his life.
In the Bhagavatha, Hiranyakasipu symbolises anger. He was a great scientist. He had control over the five elements. Modern scientists are able to reach the moon, but Hiranyakasipu attempted to reach the sun. He even tried to stop the rotation of the earth. Such a great scientist was ruined due to his anger.
The one with anger will never be successful. He ruins his property and loses his respect. He will commit sinful deeds and
Will be rejected by one and all.
In the Mahabharata, Duryodhana stands for greed.
In order to kill a miser,
There is no need to harm him physically. Just ask him for money, and
He will ’ die’ immediately!
Duryodhana as such a miser. What could he achieve ultimately? Therefore, for a spiritual aspirant, desire, anger, and greed are his worst enemies. The merit acquired through several years of spiritual practice will be ruined in a moment of fury. One should therefore control all these three.
Only he who obeys God’s commands is redeemed
In this world, there may be at least one good person out of every ten persons. Out of every ten good persons, there may be at least one who has love for God. Out of every ten persons who have love for God, there may be at least one who wants to attain Divinity. Out of every ten persons who want to attain Divinity, there may be at least one who is ever ready to obey God’s commands. Only he who obeys God’s commands is redeemed. There is no point in undertaking spiritual practices without obeying God’ s commands.
Today, everyone wants happiness without understanding what it means. True happiness lies in being desireless. Desire is the cause of misery. A rich man may have no dearth of money, food, and other material comforts, but still he may lack peace and happiness. Material objects may provide physical comforts, but not mental peace. Money may give reputation, but not respect. There may be a number of servants, but they are not friends. All of them serve only out of compulsion, not out of love.
There is only one true friend, who is always with you, in you and around you. He is God. As long as there is water in the tank, thousands of frogs gather. But once the tank is dry, not a single frog will be seen around. Likewise, as long as you are rich and in a position of authority, everyone acts like a friend. But once you lose your position and money, your so-called friends will desert you, without even caring to say good-bye.
Hearts bereft of love are like barren lands
In this world, nothing is permanent. Only the principle of love in your heart is permanent. Only love can win people’s hearts. If you have love within, the whole world will be with you. Why do so many people from so many countries gather here? There is something here that is not there in your country, in your village, and in your family. That is the all-encompassing love. Only through love can you establish intimate relationship with each other. Hearts bereft of love are like barren lands. There should be love in the field of the human heart. Gopikas prayed to Krishna thus:
O Krishna, play on your flute
So that the seeds of Love germinate In the barren fields of our hearts and Make the rain of love and
The rivers of love flow incessantly.
[Telugu Song]
Love always gives and never receives. Such selfless Love is only with God. You have gathered here to experience that Love. No one has sent you any invitation. It is only Love that has brought you here. What is that I am giving you? When I just ask you, “When did you come?” you become ecstatic. There is so much sweetness even in the words that I utter. You too should learn to speak softly and sweetly. “You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly.” Harsh words are like atom bombs. When someone visits your house, even if you do not give anything to eat, at least talk to him sweetly and softly. It can even appease their hunger. Instead, if you speak harshly, that will not only increase their hunger but also dishearten them.
Charity is the true ornament for the hand. Truth is the true ornament for the throat. Listening to sacred texts is
the true ornament for the ears.
Why need any other ornaments?
[Sanskrit sloka]
You should not have the feeling that only your country should be happy. You should pray for the welfare of the entire world - Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu. Let everybody and every country be happy. Only when you have such broad feelings will you be respected. No one will respect you if your behaviour and words are not proper.
Do not waste a precious human life
Students! Try to understand what human life is. The Upanishads declare that human life is most valuable. It is not easy to understand the divine quality immanent in man. All forms and all powers are in man. Man thinks that gold and diamond are most valuable, but actually it is man who endows value to them. “Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.” So, do not waste such a precious human life.
Ancient sages like Vasishta worked very hard in order to sanctify their lives. Why did Vasishta join the court of Dasaratha? One day Vasishta himself explained this to Dasaratha in the following words: “O king, I have come to you not because you are wealthy and powerful but because Lord Narayana Himself will be born as your son. I want to sanctify my life in His company.” Vasishta always used to think of divinity. So, he had the appellation Brahmarishi.
Viswamitra was called only a rajarishi because he was full of rajasic qualities. In spite of repeated efforts, Viswamitra could not get the appellation that Vasishta could get. So, he developed hatred toward Vasishta. Due to this hatred, Viswamitra lost all his powers.
You all know that Durvasa, one of the great rishis (sages), also had the bad quality of anger in him. Even if you were to search with a ‘torchlight’, you would not find even an iota of love in him. What is the use of being a maharishi (great sage)when there is no trace of love or peace? Only one with sweet words and with sacred actions can be called a true maharishi.
If you protect the values, they will in turn protect you
Bharat (India) could progress in ancient times because of saints and noble souls. In spite of repeated foreign invasions, this country could not be destabilised because of the greatness of its spiritual power. In order to preserve and sustain the strong spiritual foundation laid by the saints and noble souls, we have to foster human values such as Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love, and Nonviolence. If you protect these values, they will in turn protect you. “Dharmayeva hatho hanthi, dharmo rakshati rakshitah (If you protect dharma, dharma will protect you).” Similarly, if you destroy dharma, dharma will destroy you.
Love is your true form. Only through love you can achieve anything. There is no need to search for God and no need to undertake any spiritual practice. “Love is God, Live in Love.” Without spending a penny and without even crossing your doorstep, you can attain liberation. How? It is only through love. So, develop love.
Embodiments of Love! Do not have hatred toward anybody. Start loving even those that abuse you. It is only through love that you can bring transformation in them. By loving them more and more, you can get relieved of the pain inflicted by their harsh words.
Harsh words are like sharp arrows that pierce deep into the heart. There is no medicine in this world that can cure you of the pain inflicted by harsh words. When you are shot with the arrows of harsh words, in reply speak sweetly, softly with love. It is the best medicine. It gives quick relief. Any incurable disease can be cured with love.
Love is beyond description
What is the cause of disease? It is mental tension, which is man’s own making. Tension gives rise to temper ,and the two together ruin man. If you want to fill a cup with milk, which is already filled with water, what do you have to do? You have to pour out the water and then fill it with milk. In the same way, remove all wicked thoughts and wicked feelings from your heart and then fill it with love.
Start the day with Love. Fill the day with Love. Spend the day with Love. End the day with Love. This is the way to God.
You can develop Love in you by sharing it with others. Love never diminishes. It is nectarine and eternal. Once Narada asked Narayana if there was anything sweeter than nectar. Narayana replied, “Love is sweeter than nectar.” You may even get fed up with drinking nectar, but that is not the case with Love. The more you taste it, the more you ask for it.
First remove all dirt (bad qualities) in you. As soon as the calf is born, the cow removes all dirt from its body by licking it repeatedly and then feeds it. When a pashu (animal) has got so much Love for its young one, then you can very well imagine the Love of Pashupathi (God) for His creation. Love cannot be expressed in words. Narada said “Anir vachaneeyam prema,” which means: Love cannot be described in words.
Love is the principle of God
People think that Narada is fond of creating differences (kalahapriya), but it is a mistaken view. Yes, he was a ‘kalahapriya’ inhisearlydays,butlateronherealisedhismistake, did severe penance, and rectified himself. He ultimately became a great teacher. It was Narada who brought nara (man) and Narayana (God) together. He worked for attainment of bliss and total removal of grief. He said, “The Atma, the Spirit, is God.” It is Narayana who makes you forget your body attachments and gets you intoxicated with the love of God.
Love is the principle of God. Having got this Love in you, why should you suffer? Why do you have problems? In fact, you have no difficulties and no anxieties. There is only bliss. But how can you experience bliss? You have to follow the path of Love.
Just by repeating the names of the dishes, your hunger will not be appeased. You have to use your hands and mouth to fill your stomach. In the same way, you have to speak sweet words and do sacred actions. Through these, you will enjoy the sweetness of life and you will be blissful.
All are the children of immortality. You are all the embodiments of ananda (bliss). The Upanishads say that man is “ananda pipasi’ (seeker of bliss). Since he has emerged from bliss, he wants to return to his source. Just as fish, born out of water, always wants to get into water, so also man, born out of bliss, always craves for bliss wherever he is and whatever he does. Until he returns to his source, man has no rest at all.
Man is always restless because he cannot find bliss in this world. That is why the Gita said, “Anithyam Asukham Lokam, Imam Prapya Bhajasva Mam (having got this joyless and transient human life, constantly worship Me).” You may engage yourself in your daily activities; there is no need to give up your jobs and business, but keep your mind on God always. Only then you will have peace and happiness. After tasting honey, can you say it is bitter? You have actually not experienced bliss. Once you experience divine bliss, your mind will never crave for worldly pleasures.
So, try to experience this bliss, which is within you. Bliss is your source, bliss is your breath and bliss is your life. And it is there with God. Be successful, attain Divinity and enjoy divine bliss.
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