Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 33 (2000)
Perform All Actions To Please God

The principle of Atma has neither birth nor death;
It has neither beginning nor end;
It is the eternal witness and all-pervasive; Atma is Brahman and Brahman is Atma.
(Telugu Poem)
The Lord of Puttaparthi will always protect you.
He is the ocean of compassion.
Holding your hand, He will take care of you.
He will never forsake you. Recognise this truth.
(Telugu Poem)
Bharat is the holy land of the Vedas and
the Sacred rituals like Yajnas and yagas.
It is the motherland of many noble souls.
It is the land of sacrifice that has taught To the world morality and code of conduct.
(Telugu Poem)
Embodiments of Love!
BHARAT is the centre of truth, righteousness and morality. It is your great good fortune to have been born in this sacred land. This is the land of merit, penance and sacrifice (tyaga). Such a tyaga bhoomi (land of sacrifice) is being converted into a bhoga bhoomi (land of pleasure). We do not need a bhagya bhoomi (land of wealth) or bhoga bhoomi (land of pleasure). It should remain a tyaga bhoomi. So, every citizen of Bharat should develop the spirit of sacrifice and work hard.
Spiritual Wealth Of Bharat
Bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind - this should be your endeavour. Live up to the reputation of muddu biddalu (dear children) of this motherland. Do not become moddu biddalu (foolish children) or chedda biddalu (bad children). Your motherland will feel proud of you only when you become noble and ideal. You may not hold any worldly qualifications, but you can take pride in the fact that you are the sons of this sacred land of Bharat. This in itself is the great qualification.
Bharat is the land endowed with the wealth of spirituality, sacrifice and bliss. Born in this sacred land, every Bharatiya should resolve to foster spiritual values and spirit of sacrifice. Consider service as your duty. Service is God. Divinity can be experienced only through service.
On deep enquiry, you will know that you are in God, God is in you and you are God. Understand this truth and act accordingly. You should be able to say with conviction that you are a spark of the Divine. If someone were to question where is God, say with courage and conviction that God is everywhere.
Never doubt the omnipresence of God
or say that He is here and is not there.
In fact, you can find Him
wherever you search for Him.
(Telugu Poem)
God does not exist for those who deny Him. He exists for those who believe in His existence. He says ‘yes’ for those who say ‘yes’, and ‘no’ for those who say ‘no’. You may say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but for Sai, everything is ‘yes, yes, yes.’ If someone were to tell you that God does not exist, teach him a lesson saying, “God may not exist for you but He does exist for me. You have no right to deny the existence of my God.” With such courage and conviction, you should uphold your ancient culture. Being born as the children of this land of courage and valour, do not give scope for weakness of any kind. You are not weak. You have all the strength in you. Take a pledge to accomplish the task of restoring our ancient culture with courage and determination.
God Himself Has Taken Three Pledges:
(i) He will incarnate Age after Age for the establishment of Dharma - Parithranaya Sadhunam Vinashayacha Dushkritam, Dharma Samsthapa narthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge (ii) He will take care of those who constantly contemplate on Him - Ananya Chinthayantho mam Ye jana Paryupasathe, Thesham Nithyabhiyukthanam Yogakshemam Vahamyaham (iii) He will grant liberation to those who surrender to Him completely - Sarvadharman Parithyajya Mamekam Saranam Vraja, Aham Twa Sarvapapaebhyo Mokshishyami Ma Sucha.
Likewise, you too should take three vows:
(i) that you will firmly believe in the existence of God,
(ii) that you will experience Him and,
(iii) that you will become one with Him.
Make every effort to fulfil these vows.
Happiness Results From Victory Over Difficulties
The year 2000 has commenced. Many have given a bad picture of what lies ahead in this year. But there is nothing bad in this world. Even that which appears to be bad is also good. So, never consider anything bad. How can evil enter God’s creation? Everything happens according to God’s Will. There is no scope for bad events when the Divine Will is always good and pure. How can you point out something as bad when divinity pervades everything? Good and bad lie in your drishti (vision), not in srishti (creation).
Have firm faith that whateverhappens is good for you and face any eventuality with courage. Students having such courage and conviction are needed today. You all know that the people in the world are undergoing a lot of suffering. Human life will find fulfilment only when one acts with courage and conviction in the face of adversity. Never get disheartened and never retrace your steps. God has created you not to lead a selfish life. Uphold Dharma for the welfare of humanity, even at the cost of your life. After all, death occurs only once in a lifetime. Everything happens according to God’s Will. Man who has been created by the Divine Will should sanctify his life by following the Divine command.
No matter what others say or do, have unflinching faith in God. Only the good face obstacles in their path. Whatever happens is for your own good. When a student fails in an examination, he does not give up effort. He works hard to attain success in the next examination. Similarly, never give up in the face of adversities in life.
Pleasure is an interval between two pains. Vyasa said, Na Sukhath Labhyathe Sukham (happiness cannot be gained from happiness). Happiness results only when you overcome difficulties. Happiness has no value in the absence of difficulties, just as light has no value in the absence of darkness. Difficulties are part and parcel of human existence. So, take them in your stride.
Once Kunti prayed to Krishna to give her difficulties in life so that she could remember Him always. She said, “Krishna, when my husband, King Pandu was alive, hardly did I remember You, because I was immersed in pleasures and comforts. After his death we were put to untold suffering, as a result of which we remembered You always. Now I realize the value of difficulties. They help me to remember You always. I am ready to face any hardship, but kindly ensure that my love for you never diminishes”.
Be Equal-minded In Pleasure And Pain
Forty-two years had passed after the Kurushetra war. Arjuna was returning from Dwaraka. The entire clan of Yadavas was embroiled in squabble, as a result of which they all perished. Krishna too had left His mortal coil. Sighting Arjuna at a distance, Dharmaraja went up to him and enquired about the well-being of Lord Krishna. With deep agony, Arjuna informed Dharmaraja that their friend, mentor and God, Lord Krishna was no more. On hearing this, Kunti collapsed and breathed her last on the lap of Dharmaraja. A grief-stricken Dharmaraja bemoaned. “Oh Mother! Have you gone in search of our dear Lord Krishna? It appears to be so. Life is meaningless without Krishna. All along we lived with Krishna, earned name and fame and emerged victorious in the war. All this was possible because He was on our side. There is no meaning in life after Him.” He summoned Bhima and asked him to make arrangements for mother Kunti’s funeral. Arjuna was asked to make arrangements for the coronation of his grandson, while Nakula and Sahadeva were asked to make preparations for going to the forest for final journey. All the three activities - Kunti’s funeral, coronation of Parikshit and the Pandavas’ final journey were to take place on the same day. Only Dharmaraja, being the recipient of divine grace, could execute these diverse duties with equanimity.
After performing the last rites of their mother Kunti and crowning Parikshit, the Pandavas left Hastinapur for the forest. Droupadi who considered the five Pandavas as her five life-breaths also followed them. The Pandavas remained united both in pleasure and pain. Such unity is lacking today. Happiness and sorrow are like passing clouds. One should not be elated in times of pleasure or depressed in times of pain. One should remain equal-minded, unaffected by happiness or sorrow. This is the sign of true devotion.
Devotion Stands For Steady Love For God
Devotion does not mean performing Puja or undertaking rituals. Devotion stands for steady love for God. It also means implicit obedience and subservience to the Will of God. Lakshmana followed Rama to the forest as he considered Him to be his very life-breath. On reaching Chitrakoota mountain, Rama instructed Lakshmana to make a hut. When Lakshmana asked Him to show the location, Rama replied, “Erect it at a place of your choice.” Hearing this Lakshmana was overcome with grief. He said, “What sin have I committed to hear such harsh words from You? Have I not surrendered to Your Will? Do I have likes and dislikes of my own?” Seeing Lakshmana’s plight. Sita remarked, “Lakshmana, why are you so agitated? Rama neither beat you nor did he admonish you.” Lakshmana replied, “Mother, I would have been happy if beaten or scolded by Him, but I cannot bear to hear that my likes and dislikes are separate from His. There is no greater sorrow than hearing such words from Lord Rama.” This incident reveals the intensity of devotion and total surrender of Lakshmana.
Obey The Divine Command Implicitly
Surrender implies that the individual will should become one with the Divine Will. Obey the Divine command implicitly without questioning. That is the sign of true devotion. Whatever God does is for your good. The Pandavas had to undergo innumerable hardships. Ultimately, victory was theirs as they obeyed God’s command implicitly. Through devotion and sincerity you can achieve anything in life. Do not crave for bhoga (pleasure); aspire for yoga. Yoga means union with God. The Bhagavad Gita starts with the chapter Vishada Yoga. Arjuna’s vishada (sorrow) turned into v i j a y a (success) on account of his association with Krishna. Before attaining success in any endeavour one has to face hardships. Pleasure and pain come together just as the bitter rind and the sweet juice coexist in an orange. You cannot enjoy the sweet juice of sugarcane unless it is crushed. Likewise, gold has to be put in fire, hammered and cut before it is made into a beautiful jewel. Similarly, humanness will shine only when one undergoes trials and tribulations.
Earn Divine Grace Through Love
Hiranyagarbha is another name of God. If you place this divine gold in your heart, you can make any ornament of your choice like truth, righteousness and peace. Just as no ornament can be made without gold, you cannot obtain the jewels of Sathya, Dharma and Santhi without divinity. Hiranyagarbha is immanent in everyone. That is why Swami calls everyone ‘Bangaru.’ You say this prayer: Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu (May the whole world be happy!). Develop love for all in order to earn divine grace. You cannot get even a handkerchief unless you pay for it. You are asking God for peace, happiness and liberation. But what are you giving to God in return? Offer your love to Him and receive His grace in the form of peace, happiness and liberation. Everybody has this right. But you have to give first to earn it. Only through love and service will you earn this right to ask. There is no other way.
I said this morning, Annam Brahma (food is God). In fact, human body is composed of five sheaths, namely, Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vijnanamaya Kosha a n d Anandamaya Kosha, each sheath being subtler than the other in that order. In order to attain liberation, one has to reach the subtlest of these sheaths, i.e., Anandamaya Kosha. The ananda you experience after this is referred to as Brahmananda. Such bliss can be experienced only through Divine Love.
Chanting of the Divine Name of Sai Rama will destroy mountains of sin. I often tell you Pibare Rama rasam (drink the nectar of Lord Rama’s Name). Tulasidas prayed to Rama for the nectar of His love. When sugar and water are mixed, syrup is formed. Likewise, when your love becomes one with Divine Love, then it becomes nectar, the experience of which makes you immortal.
“Each Word Of Mine Has Immense Value”
Do not hate anybody. Love all. Many of you feel bad, thinking that Swami does not speak to you. But you do not enquire whether you are following Swami’s teachings or not. I too follow certain rules and regulations. When I give you something, you should make proper use of it. Otherwise, what is the point in My giving? When I give you what you ask for,
is it not your duty to do what I say? I feel it is better not to speak than to speak and lose the value of My words. Each word of Mine has immense value associated with it. I will fulfil your wish only when you obey My command. God does not have anger or hatred towards anybody. But, you have actions. As is the action, so is the reaction. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi (as is your feeling, so is the result).
If you are good, I will certainly yield to your request. Sometimes, I behave as if I am angry, only to put you on the right path. Without understanding this truth, you sometimes feel that Swami is ignoring you. What place have you given to Swami in your heart? To what extent are you putting His teachings into practice? I take all this into consideration. When a beggar asks for alms, the lady of the house gives him food. Sometimes she even forgoes her own share of food to serve the beggar. But if she finds the beggar throwing away the food, would she serve him the next time? No; likewise, Swami too stops talking to you if you do not follow His teachings. I do not have any desire whatsoever. I do not need anything from anybody. I do not hate anybody. If you make proper use of what is already given, you will be given much more. Enquire whether your actions are in accordance with Swami’s teachings. It is not easy to attain God. It is possible only when you get rid of evil qualities.
When your heart is filled with negative thoughts, how can you expect God to fill it with His love and grace? First of all, cleanse your heart of all evil qualities. Only then can God fill your heart with His love and grace.
Earn The Love And Grace Of Your Parents
Students should develop good character along with acquisition of knowledge. Education without culture is useless. Just as the electric current flows when the positive and negative come together, likewise your life will be redeemed when education is coupled with culture. Students are good, but they do not know the right path. Some know what is good, but they do not follow because of limitless desires. As worldly desires increase, naturally the desire for Divine grace diminishes. Head can be filled with noble feelings only when it is empty. It is not possible to do the same if it is already stuffed with worldly desires. So, first and foremost, rid your head of all desires. I am giving you time for that and I am waiting to shower My grace on you. I will certainly fill your heart with Divine Love. I am always ready, ready, ready. Those who keep the vessel of their heart pure attain Me easily.
Embodiments of Love!
Human life is highly sacred and divine. It is gifted by God. Make proper use of it. Make your parents happy. How can you please Swami if you cannot please your parents? First and foremost, earn the love and grace of your parents. Only then will you be the recipients of Swami’s love and grace.
Sports Meet Delighted Everyone
The Sports Meet was most wonderful in all respects. I begin My discourse with a poem, which is like a plate full of delicious items and end it with a Bhajan, which is like a lid that covers these delicious items. The same can be said of our Sports Meet too. The programmes of the Institute students were like delicious dishes served on a plate. The Primary School children covered the ‘plate’ with the lid of love. As a result, this Sports Meet has left an indelible impression on the hearts of one and all. Make everybody happy. That will make Swami also happy. The Primary School children are highly virtuous. They are of tender age. They do not have in them even a trace of worldly desires.
I told you the story of Madalasa this morning. After putting her child in a cradle, she used to sing a lullaby revealing to the child its true identity and explaining the ephemeral nature of this world. She would tell the child, “My dear one, you are one of purity, wisdom and supreme bliss. Wake up from the sleep of moha (attachment), then you will realize that the samsara (world) is but a dream.” She transformed her sons into renunciants. Seeing this, her husband got annoyed. “Who will take care of this kingdom if you send all the children to the forest?” She replied, “How long can one rule over a worldly kingdom? It is only for a temporary period. I am making my sons the emperors of hridaya samrajya (kingdom of the heart), which is true and eternal.” There are many mothers like Madalasa, who impart sacred teachings to their children.
It Is A Great Mistake To Criticize God
Every human being is essentially pure, divine and without attachment. But due to the impact of Kali Age, even young children are getting enamoured of worldly life. If you get caught in the web of worldly life, even God may not come to your rescue. Once you get carried away by the sleep of attachment, you will certainly get dreams of bad thoughts. If you have chosen the worldly path, enter the family life and be happy. Gradually develop detachment and devotion. Discharge your duty sincerely. Having chosen family life on your own, it is sheer ignorance on your part to blame God for your suffering.
People commit sin and consequently when they are confronted with difficulties, they blame God that He does not come to their rescue. There can be no greater ignorance than this. So, never commit sin. divinity can be experienced in all the four Ashramas, namely, Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa. Do not blame God for your suffering. You have to reap the consequences of your actions. God is the eternal witness. It is a great mistake to criticize God. Leave everything to His Will and perform all actions to please God - Sarva Karma Bhagavad Preethyartham. Then you can achieve anything in life.
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