Prema Vahini
Prema Vahini

0. Dear Reader
Addressing a mammoth gathering at Gudur some years ago, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said, “You will not be wrong to call Me Premaswarupa (Embodiment of Love).” In fact, Baba showers love (prema), seeks love, and establishes love in the heart of the individual, the fabric of society, and the complex of nations. Humanity, which has lost its way and is shivering in terror, unable to control the evil that it has generated by its insane pranks, needs Baba’s grace and love to allay its neurosis and bring it back to the light. Baba said twenty-two years ago that He would inaugurate His task of recreating and reforming man on the true basis of dharma when He had completed thirty-two years of stay here upon the Earth. In 1958, when He reached that moment, He blessed the venture of a monthly magazine, and he named it Sanathana Sarathi, a name full of the fragrance of the Gita and the Lord’s role as the charioteer of whoever selects Him as the guide.
It is significant that the very first series of articles that Baba wrote for the Sanathana Sarathi was Prema Vahini (Stream of Divine Love). These discourses are collected in this book as they were first presented, in English translation. Truth (sathya), dharma, peace (santhi), and love are the four pillars of the new world of the Sai era, and under Baba’s guidance, humanity has to discover peace through love. For that task, this book will be of great help, for while reading it, you are in touch with the very source of love; while translating its message into action, you are visibly led on by the grace of the Lord Himself; while enjoying the thrill of spiritual practice (sadhana) prescribed here, you are responding to the majesty of the very Ocean of Mercy.
N. Kasturi
Editor, Sanathana Sarathi
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