Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 32 (1999)
Put Ceiling On Your Desires

Forbearance is the real beauty in this sacred land of Bharat.
Of all the sacred virtues, adherence to truth is true penance.
The nectarine feeling in this country is the feeling toward ones mother.
Character is valued far more superior to the very life itself.
People have forgotten the basic principles of the culture of Bharat
And are following and adopting Western culture today.
Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness of their own cultural heritage
Just as the mighty elephant is not aware of its own strength.
[Telugu Poem]
Embodiments of Love!
Today man has taken to many paths to acquire wisdom. All the knowledge that he has acquired is not true knowledge in the strict sense of the term. Knowledge of the spirit, Atmic knowledge, is the true knowledge. That is Brahma Jnana. Atma, Brahman, and Jnana are synonyms. On this basis, the Vedas declare: Sathyam Jnanarn Anantham Brahma (Brahman is truth, wisdom and eternity).
Work, worship, wisdom
Since ancient times, the culture of Bharat has laid emphasis on these three aspects: work, worship, and wisdom.
Work, worship, and wisdom all begin with service. No matter what service it is, if it is done with love and divine feelings, it becomes upasana (worship).
What is wisdom? All that is related to our senses, the fleeting objects of the material world, and our actions, speak of our ignorance. Wisdom dawns the moment the mind is withdrawn. The thoughtless state between two consecutive thoughts is Brahma Jnana (Atmic, spiritual wisdom). Man is not able to experience this thoughtless state of Brahman and is carried away by fleeting, ephemeral, and momentary things. True wisdom dawns when all thoughts are decimated. Sai's philosophy speaks of the unity of work, worship, and wisdom.
The culture of Bharat believes in unity in diversity, which is true wisdom. Many intellectuals observe multiplicity or plurality in unity, but there are very few men of wisdom who observe unity in diversity. Since ancient days, the inhabitants of this holy land have been practicing these principles and have been sharing them with the rest of the world. This country has always prayed for the advancement and welfare of the whole world. That is the meaning of the Vedic dictum, Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu (May the whole world be happy!) Our prayer is not limited to Bharat only. We pray for the welfare of the whole world. But the modern Bharatiyas (Indians) are not able to know the culture of Bharat, which is endowed with noble virtues of broadmindedness.
Embodiments of Love! You have to understand the sanctity of the culture of Bharat. You may go through any number of books, you may visit noble souls, you may listen to sacred teachings, but the reality is one. People read hundreds of books, but very few translate them into action. It is enough if you put into practice at least one principle.
Man is making every attempt today to be happy, blissful. Where do you get bliss? Is it in the material things, in the world, in individuals, in books? No, not at all. Bliss is within one's own Self. You have forgotten your true Self, the source of bliss. You are struggling hard for artificial happiness outside. You are not aware of the reality that lies in the heart. In fact, all the bliss is there. The principle of love originates from the heart, not from the world.
Everyone should develop love more and more. But, today, there is hatred and anger everywhere. Wherever you see, there is desire, enmity, and fear. How do you expect to be in peace? How do you expect to be blissful? Light the lamp of love within. Then fear and illusion can be removed and you can have the vision of the Self. Otherwise you are bound to suffer.
You have to exercise a ceiling on your desires. There are rules for ceiling with regard to land and property. But you have no ceiling on your desires. Ceiling on desires means exercising control over them. You can be happy once the desires are controlled.
Your life is a long journey. You should have less luggage (desires) in this long journey of life. Therefore, it is said: less luggage more comfort makes travel a pleasure. So, ceiling on desires is what you have to adopt today. You have to cut short your desires day by day. You are under the mistaken notion that happiness lies in the fulfillment of desires. But, in fact, happiness begins to dawn when desires are totally eradicated. When you reduce your desires, you advance towards the state of renunciation.
You have many desires. What do you get out of them? You are bound to face the consequences when you claim something as yours. When you claim a piece of land as yours, then you will have to reap the harvest. This instinct of ego and attachment will put you to suffering. You will be blissful the moment you give up ego and attachment.
Independence without unity is meaningless
The Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Justice of India, and other high officers assembled in the capital, Delhi. All of them mentioned that we underwent tremendous sufferings and hardships, and lost many lives to achieve independence. But we have not achieved unity in this country.
What is the use of achieving independence without unity? We find that murders, kidnappings, hijacks have increased after attaining independence. Is this the type of independence we wanted? No. Independence is meant to confer peace, and it should develop the culture of the nation. We should not be dependent on others. We should be independent in every way.
Bharat is a sacred land. Noble souls were born here. Bharat was ruled by Sri Rama Himself. This is the land of the song celestial, the Bhagavad Gita. This is the birthplace of the first composer, Valmiki. This is the birthplace of Veda Vyasa, who classified the Vedas. This is the land traversed by Lord Buddha. This is a land of merit and sacrifice. This is the birthplace of spiritual aspirants, seers and sages.
But, the modern man does not have even an iota of sacrifice. “Na karmana na prajaya dhanena thyagenaike arnritatvamanusu (immortality can be attained only through sacrifice; neither wealth nor progeny nor good deeds can confer it).” So, cultivate the spirit of sacrifice. It is possible only when you develop love within.
Develop love, practice sacrifice
There are many rich people in this country. There are many intellectuals. We have also men of valor. All are here. But what is the use? There is hatred between person and person. There is hatred and enmity between people of the same profession. It is a very bad quality. All are one; be alike to everyone. You have to love everybody. But, today, people are not broadminded. There should be expansion love. Today, there is only contraction love.
The man who goes by the mind will ruin himself. He is worse than an animal.
The one who goes by the intellect is the one of wisdom.
[Telugu Poem]
So, you have to grow in intellect. As long as the mind persists, you are bound in illusion, you are bound to suffer.
It is the mind that causes misery. It is the mind that is full of desires. It is the mind that makes heaven or hell. Mano moolam idam jagat (this world is the creation of the mind). Since you are caught up with the whims and vagaries of the mind, you have forgotten the eternal path.
Embodiments of Love! Love everybody, but do not trust anybody. You have to repose your trust only in God. What is the reason? Why should you not trust man? Man is not permanent. The Gita says the world is transitory, fleeting, and impermanent.
Human body is not permanent.
It is full of dirt and diseases.
It cannot cross this ocean of life.
Oh man, never think that this life is eternal.
[Telugu Poem]
Love is within you
People go by this body and forget the divinity within. Have strong faith in God. Do not have faith in this body, which is temporary. Body is like a water bubble, mind is like a mad monkey. Don’t follow the body, don’t follow the mind. Follow the conscience. That is the principle of the Atma. You will experience divinity only when you follow your conscience.
You may worship God in any name and form. God does not take into consideration your caste or community. He expects only love. You don't need to do penance or undertake any rigorous spiritual practice. You can cultivate love easily. Love is within you. Develop love, which already exists. You have to share this love with everybody. Love even the one who hates you. To harm a person who harmed you is nothing great. Real greatness lies in loving the person who harmed you.
Know your true identity
Embodiments of Love! Human life is full of love. What is the purpose of life? It is love and love alone. Love is God. Live in love. Divinity manifests only when you develop love. There is no need to search for Him anywhere. The Bible said so. Today, man is in search of God. Why should you search for God when He is everywhere? You are God. All sadhana (spiritual practice) will go in vain if you do not know your true identity. Instead of asking others, “who are you, who are you,” better ask yourself, “who am I, who am I.” This is my book. This is my tumbler. Then who am I? This feeling of “my”, is maya (illusion). First know who you are.
All this is matter. All this is negative. You are the master of this material world. Master the mind and be a mastermind. You should make an effort to know your true identity. To know this, you should first give up body attachment.
This is my handkerchief. When I say this is “my handkerchief,” I am separate from the handkerchief. Similarly, when I say this is “my body,” I am separate from the body. “My mind” means I am separate from my mind. Then who am I? Constant enquiry on these lines would lead you to self realization.
People are heroes in doing experiments in the laboratory, but zeros in experience. You should be heroes in the practical field. It is useless to be a hero in reading books or in giving lectures. There is only one hero, and He is God. Ekam sath vipra bahudha vadanti is the teaching of the Vedas. God is the only truth. All the rest is falsehood. Everything becomes truth in the company of God.
Zero preceded by one becomes ten. As the number of zeros increases, the value also increases. If the number one is erased,
nothing remains. Therefore, hero becomes zero if he forgets God. You may be an intellectual with great erudition and exalted position. But, you cannot call yourself intelligent if you forget God.
Easy way to know God
Science has progressed to a great extent in Bharat. Man has undertaken space travel also. But what is the use? Man wants to know what is there in space. He wants to know what is there at the moon. He wants to reach even the sun. First recognize the divinity within yourself. Open the doors of your heart. Develop love more and more. Understand the truth. Experience God. There lies the bliss. It is very easy to know God, but man does not understand this.
You have to make every effort to understand the immanent divinity. The divinity within is covered by ego and anger. Therefore, it is said, “Moham hithva punar vidya (real knowledge dawns when attachment is destroyed).” Where does this attachment come from? Excessive desires lead to attachment.
Embodiments of Love! All are embodiments of God. “Sahasra seersha Purusha sahasraksha sahasrapad (God has thousands of heads, eyes and feet).” You will experience it once you enquire deep within.
You may attain peace by undertaking Japa (repetition of the name), dhyana (meditation), and yoga. But this peace is not permanent; it is temporary. To attain permanent peace, develop love within. Love can turn earth into sky and sky into earth. This sacred love is within you. But, you direct it in the wrong direction and thereby it gets perverted. You are responsible for the loss and suffering. You are responsible for the wicked actions and agitations outside.
The previous speaker spoke about diseases and their cure. Why do diseases arise? The number of doctors is increasing day by day. Today, we have a doctor for every family. Each house has at least two patients. Most of the diseases are psychological. You are bound to be sick if you go on feeling you are sick. Never think you are sick. Always have the feeling that you are happy and healthy. Develop sacred love and experience your innate divinity. This is the culture of Bharat. Bharata - Bha means effulgence. Effulgence is God, Rata means “to love”. One who has love for God is a true Bharatiya (Indian).
Intelligence is gifted to mankind to know God, not to amass wealth. Why do you study? You have to study to get rid of ignorance. True education lies in giving up ignorance and recognizing divinity.
Man faces problems in life because he lacks unity
Embodiments of Love! Repeated teachings do not help you to understand Divinity. You are not able to understand Divinity due to the consequences of your actions in many past lives. Today, human values are on the decline. Man originated lakhs of years ago. But, till this day, he has not understood human values. It is said, “Proper study of mankind is man.” What is this proper study of mankind? It is the unity of thought, word, and deed. Man faces problems in life because he lacks unity.
Let there be perfect harmony in thought, word, and deed right from this day. You should say what you think and do what you say. You do not need to search for God. You are God. God is in you, with you, above you, below you. and around you. Understand this truth and turn your vision inward. Only then you can attain bliss.
I have been coming to Mumbai for many years. What have you achieved during this period? What spiritual practices have you undertaken? What truths have you known? Today, people crave bookish knowledge, superficial knowledge, and general knowledge, but they do not have practical knowledge. The one who has practical knowledge will have understanding of the divinity. But, today, people are heroes at platform and zeros in practice. You should be heroes in practice. Put into practice at least one sacred principle. At least speak the truth or develop love. That is enough. There is no greater sadhana (spiritual discipline) than this. Sathyannasti paro dharma (there is no greater dharma than adhering to Truth). What is dharma? True dharma lies in developing love. It is love that unifies all. This love will help you to experience unity in diversity.
Bhajan singing makes the heart sacred
Embodiments of Divine Atma! Whatever spiritual path you tread, it should help you to uproot ignorance. What is ignorance? It is the belief in all that is outside, the external scenario. You have to discriminate whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. You should have samyak drishti (right vision). Then you will attain deservedness.
I am always ready to tell you the easy path to Divinity. I will be happy only when you are happy. Make every effort to put into practice what you hear.
Bhajans are highly sacred. Bhajan singing makes the heart sacred. What is important is that it should come out from the heart. Bhajan is not just rhythm, tune and beat. You should sing God's name with love. You will see the manifestation of Divinity with your physical eyes when you sing His glory with all love.
Many noble souls merged in God through love. Don't you know Mira, who attained liberation by chanting Krishna's name? Prahlada was bitten by serpents, trampled upon by elephants, and given poison. Yet, chanted God's name and attained liberation. He considered everything divine. Yad dhavam tad bhavati (as is the feeling, so is the experience). So, you should think of God with love.
This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood; of affirming and illumining the inner reality of each being in order to reveal the divine, which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests; and of instructing all to recognise the comming divine heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal and rise to the divine, which is his goal!
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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