Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 32 (1999)
Seek God within

There is no teacher greater than the Conscience.
There is no preceptor greater than time.
The world verily is the greatest text.
God is the only true friend.
[Telugu Poem]
Young men and women, future citizens of the world!
The future of the world, good or bad, depends on your conduct. The country will be safe, secure, peaceful, and prosperous only when your conduct is good. What the world needs today is not affluence and material comforts but men and women of noble character. The country is bound to disintegrate if the behavior of the young men and women is not on the right lines.
A true human being is one who adheres to sathya (truth), dharma (righteousness) and thyaga (sacrifice). Truth is neethi (morality), righteousness is reethi (procedure), and sacrifice is khyathi (fame). All these three constitute manava jathi (human race). Human race has originated from Truth.
The entire creation has originated from Truth and ultimately merges in Truth.
There is no place where truth does not exist. Recognize this pure and unsullied truth.
[Telugu Poem]
To uphold morality, adhere to truth
It is based on this that the ancient sages and seers said:
Sathyam bruyath, priyam bruyath, na bruyath sathyamapriyam
(Speak truth, speak pleasingly, do not speak truth that is unpalatable).
Sathyam bruyath refers to moral value. Manava jathi (human race) cannot survive without neethi (morality).
Today the whole world is engulfed in troubles and turmoil on account of injustice, falsehood, and unrighteousness. Only young men and women are capable of restoring the declining human values. Only when man upholds morality can there be equality, fraternity, and freedom in society.
To uphold morality, one should adhere to truth. That is why it is said, sathyam bruyath. This is the primary duty of man. The second one, priyam bruyath (speak pleasingly) refers to dharmic value. It is based on this that the Bhagavad Gita says,
Anudvegakaram vakyam sathyam priya hitham cha yath
(Speak truth in a pleasing and wholesome manner. Your speech should not excite others impulses and emotions).
The third one, na bruyath sathyamapriyam (do not speak truth that is unpalatable) refers to spiritual value. One has to adhere to these principles to progress on the spiritual path.
Embodiments of Love!
The Himachala (the Himalayan mountains) forms the boundary for India on the northern part. What is the inner meaning of Himachala? Hima means ice, which stands for purity and peace. Achala means that which is steady. So, himachala signifies purity, peace, and steadiness. The perennial rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswathi symbolise the continuous blood circulation in the human body.
Be proud to be a Bharatiya
The great epics of this land, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavata, bring out the quintessence of human nature. One can be called a Bharatiya (Indian) in the true sense of the term only when one puts into practice the ideals that Bharat stands for.
In the word Bharat, bha refers to bhava (feeling), ra refers to raga (tune), and ta connotes tala (rhythm). Bharatiyas are those who worship God, harmonising the three: bhava, raga, and tala. Bha also stands for effulgence. So, Bharatiyas are those who are in pursuit of divine effulgence.
Take pride in the fact that you are a Bharatiya. There is no greater qualification than this. Bharat is the country that propagates spiritual knowledge to the rest of the world and wishes the welfare of the entire world -
Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu (may the whole world be happy)!
You are all one, irrespective of the countries you belong to. Bulbs may vary, but the current is the same. Likewise, countries, bodies, and feelings may vary, but the principle of Atma is one and the same in all. Therefore, give up all differences based on caste, religion, and nationality and spread the message of unity.
Nations are many, but earth is one.
Jewels are many, but gold is one.
Stars are many, but sky is one.
Cows are many, but milk is one.
Bodies are many, but breath is one.
You can experience bliss only when you render service keeping in mind the unity of all beings.
You are born in love, brought up in love, and merge in love. The five elements (pancha bhutas) are the embodiment of selflessness. The sun sustains the creation by giving light and life. Trees accept poisonous carbon dioxide and give back life-supporting oxygen. Mother earth teaches a lesson in patience and sacrifice. All these elements help mankind without any expectation of reward. There is no greater example of selfless love than nature. It is a shame that man, having been born and brought up in nature, does not imbibe the ideals demonstrated by nature and leads a life of selfishness and selfinterest. Youth should resolve to eliminate selfishness and selfinterest with no traces whatsoever.
One who is not a sevaka cannot become a nayaka
Jesus declared, “All are one my dear son, be alike to everyone.” All are born of the same mother earth, breathe in the same air and drink the same water. In such a case, why should there be differences at all? Eschew all differences and live in unity. Recognize the unity in diversity and act accordingly.
You may go to villages, serve the needy and undertake various rural development programs. By doing so, you are not doing any great service. In fact, all this is your duty. You are born to serve. So, spend your life in serving others. Do not crave power and position.
One who is not a sevaka (humble worker) cannot become a nayaka (leader). In fact, a true sevaka alone is a true nayaka. People are under the mistaken notion that japa, tapa and dhyana (soft repetition of the name, penance, meditation) constitute spiritual practice. They do meditation without knowing what it is! They feel that they are meditating on God not knowing who God really is! They chant Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah, and Zoroaster as Gods and meditate on them not realizing the fact that all are embodiments of God. They mistake concentration for meditation. Concentration is associated with the senses, whereas meditation is beyond senses.
Meditation should not be confined to a particular time and place. It is a way of life. Whatever is done with the spirit of love is meditation. Sitting in meditation for hours together without expressing love for fellow beings is no meditation at all. True spiritual practice lies in joining hands with rest of the community and working for the progress of society as a whole.
Heart bereft of love is like a barren land
Love is God, live in love.
Heart bereft of love is like a barren land. All activities should be suffused with love. Just as it is impossible for a newborn babe to attend degree classes, so also it is not possible to attain the supreme state of love instantly. One has to gradually progress by undertaking spiritual practices. It is imperative to undertake these practices - pravritti - until one turns one's vision inward - nivritti. Perform all activities with a spiritual outlook.
There is no greater spiritual practice than adhering to the principles of truth and love. Truth and love are synonyms for God. Without these two, there is no point in undertaking spiritual practices.
Young men and women!
Consider love and sacrifice as your very life breath. Control your senses. Sense control is essential for the success of any spiritual practice. Humanity can rise to Divinity through sense control.
Anger is the quality of a dog. Monkey is known for its wavering nature. When you are angry, remind yourself, “l am not a dog, I am a man.” Similarly, when your mind wavers, tell yourself repeatedly, “I am not a monkey, I am a man.” Sathya, dharma, santhi, prema, and ahimsa are the true human values. These values are the five life principles of man - prana, apana, vyana, udana, and samana. Losing any one of these values amounts to losing life itself. Each value cannot exist without the other. Today man has become a living corpse since he has lost all these values. Develop faith in these values, uphold them, and experience the bliss derived therefrom.
Where there is faith, there is love,
Where there is love, there is peace,
Where there is peace, there is truth,
Where there is truth, there is God,
Where there is God, there is bliss.
Today, every man aspires to be blissful. For that, faith is essential. Bliss cannot be attained easily. Bliss is Brahman, which is steady, pure, eternal, and beyond dualities. Man cannot attain this supreme bliss without giving up the evil qualities. Heart is the altar of God. Do not pollute it with evil thoughts and feelings.
Do not lead a life of selfishness
Self effort is very essential to achieve success in any human endeavor. Even small activities like picking up a flower or plucking a fruit from a tree requires the cooperation and effort of various limbs of the body - eyes, hands, legs, etc. Sareera madhyam khalu dharma sadhanam, body is gifted to undertake righteous actions and set an ideal to society, not for sleeping, eating, drinking, and making merry. God has gifted man with all the powers, but man is unable to realize his innate potential.
Whenever you take up any activity, keep in mind the welfare of others too. Do not lead a life of selfishness. Think in terms of collective benefit, not individual benefit alone.
Often, spiritual practices like japa and dhyana are done with a selfish motive. Instead, it is better to chant the Lord’s name and serve society. This will confer benefit on the individual and society at large. This constitutes real sadhana. Whomsoever you serve, serve with a feeling that you are serving God.
The sight of a dead body, a sick person, an old decrepit person, was enough for Buddha to get transformed and attain Nirvana (liberation) because his heart was filled with compassion. Though you come across innumerable dead bodies, old persons, and sick individuals, it is a pity there is no transformation in you whatsoever. Unfortunately, your heart has become as hard as a stone indifferent to the sufferings of others. To attain Nirvana, identify yourself with others and make efforts to alleviate their suffering.
As the Vice Chancellor mentioned in his speech: “Bend the body, mend the senses, end the mind.” Mind will be nonexistent when the senses are controlled. Mind can be annihilated when noble thoughts are entertained. Today the world is in disarray because the thoughts of man are going astray.
Bend the body, mend the senses, end the mind

O man, enquire, what great happiness You have acquired by forgetting God and
Spending all your education and energy Limitlessly in eking out a livelihood Right from dawn to dusk. [Telugu Poem]
Whatever you do is God’s work. For example, the process of inhaling and exhaling is in itself a spiritual practice. The process of inhaling is associated with the sound So (that); and exhaling, with the sound Ham (I). Soham means ‘I am that’ (God). So symbolizes Divinity, and aham signifies ahamkara (ego). So, Soham drives home the lesson that you should take in only phala, that which is good, and eject mala, that which is filthy.
This process of inhaling and exhaling repeats itself 21,600 times a day. It means your inner voice is reminding you 21,600 times a day that you are God. Unfortunately, you are not receptive to this message. It is to understand this reality God has gifted you with this body. Do not limit God to your shrine. God is your life breath.
Establish direct contact with God
Just as hands, eyes, ears, nose, etc. are limbs of the body, likewise, human beings are limbs of society. Society is a limb of nature, and nature is a limb of God. Therefore, you can infer that there is an intimate relationship between individual and God.
When inanimate objects like telephones are connected, should there not be a connection between human being and God? The former relationship is artificial in nature, whereas the latter is heart to heart.
There are two types of telephone calls: one, which can be answered by anybody (number call), and the other, which needs to be answered by a specific person (Particular person PP call) for whom the call is intended. Similarly, your contacts should be directly with God, like the personal call, and not with all and sundry like the number call. If you have the sincere feeling that you want God, then God Himself will come and talk to you. You cannot expect God to respond when you make a “number call”. Number call corresponds to negative thoughts. So, give up negative thoughts and develop positive feelings.
Body, mind, senses, and intellect are all negative in nature. Only the conscience is positive. Just as the mike is useless without the current, so also are the body, mind, senses, and intellect without the conscience.
The conscience that exists in everyone is one and the same, just as the current that flows through different bulbs is the same. All are one, be alike to everyone. So, do not hate, harm, or criticize anybody. He is a noble one who conducts himself without hurting others and himself not being troubled in the process. True spiritual sadhana (spiritual exercise) lies in considering every work as God’s work, not in doing japa or dhyana.
You may hoodwink anyone, but not God
God is all-pervasive. It is based on this that the Veda declares,
Sarvatah Pani Padam Tat Sarvathokshi Siromukham, Sarvatah Srutimalloke Sarvamavritya Thishtathi
(with His hands, feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everything, God permeates the entire universe).
You may hoodwink anyone, but not God. He is always watching you. He is the eternal witness. He is present in you, just as the power of vision resides in your eye. Not even a blade of grass can move without His Will.
It is foolishness to get carried away by the sense of doership. So, do not feel proud of your achievements. Develop the sacred feeling that God is the doer and the enjoyer too.
Consider everything as God’s Will. Whatever happens to you, be it profit or loss, pain or pleasure, have the resolute faith that it is good for you. When a person suffering from malaria consults a doctor, he will be given the bitter quinine medicine. Unless he takes the bitter medicine, he cannot be cured of the fever. Likewise, have the firm conviction that difficulties and suffering are the ways and means by which God purifies you. There is a reason behind whatever God does. Without understanding the principle of cause and effect, people blame God for their suffering. Understand the truth that you yourself are responsible for the pain or pleasure that befalls you.
Do not feel sad if someone were to criticize you, because criticizing others amounts to criticizing oneself, since the same Atma exists in all. Identify yourself with the Atma, not the body, which is like a water bubble. If someone were to beat you, do not retaliate. The same principle of Atma exists in both. God is the one who beats and also the one who gets beaten. The entire creation is a mono-action play of God. So, do not hate anybody. Love all.
All that I say is for your own good and to make you aware of Divinity. All My teachings and actions carry a profound inner meaning. Our college students have white dress as their uniform. What is its inner significance? White color symbolizes purity. Similarly, when you see someone in ochre robes, it reminds you of renunciation. This is to convey the message that you should be pure and free from all attachments. Only then you can attain the Divine.
Desires are the luggage in the journey of life
As youngsters, you have too many desires, which cause physical as well as mental strain. Desires are the luggage in the journey of life.
“Less luggage more comfort makes travel a pleasure.”
Your destination is the abode of supreme peace, i.e. liberation. Why do you trouble yourself with 'heavy luggage,' when you are going to the abode of supreme peace?
Be satisfied with the minimum requirement of food, clothing and shelter.
Bhikshanam deharakshartham vasathram sheetha nivaranam
(food is meant to sustain your body and clothing to protect you from cold).
The modern youth are fascinated by fashion dresses and cloth themselves gaudily. Youngsters, especially women, should not indulge in dressing fads. The dress you wear should be good and sober. Do not imitate the cinema culture. Imitation is animal nature and creation is Divine.
True yoga lies in unifying your love with the Divine
Control of desires leads to sense control, which in turn leads to Divinity. Sage Patanjali said,
“Yogaha chtta vritti nirodaha,”
controlling the vagaries of the mind is yoga and allowing the senses to have their own way is roga (disease).
Today’s man has become a rogi (diseased one) because of lack of sense control. One should become a yogi, not a rogi.
Yoga is attained not by bhoga (worldly pleasures), but by thyaga (sacrifice). Once you attain yoga, you will never be afflicted with roga. Yoga does not mean leading the life of a recluse in a forest. Some people mistake physical exercises like sitting cross-legged, standing on one leg etc., for yoga. True yoga lies in unifying your love with the Divine.
God does not want anything from you. He never insists on your doing meditation or yoga. He only wants you to fill your hearts with principles of love and sacrifice. If you obey His commands with sincerity and devotion, He will take care of all your needs without your asking. The lives of Sabari and the bird Jatayu bear ample testimony to this truth.
O mind, do not ask for anything.
Ask, and it shall be delayed.
Do not ask, and it shall be granted soon.
Did He not shower His grace on Sabari, who never asked?
Did He not perform the last rites of Jatayu and grant him liberation, without his asking?
So you do not need to ask God for anything. If you have purity of heart, He will Himself take care of you, just like a mother who attends to the needs of the child without its asking. Be like a child, and the Divine Mother will take care of you. That is total surrender. Leave everything to the Will of the Mother. Do not ask for petty things lest you should lose Her proximity. The one who asks for food will be directed to the kitchen, but the mother will feed the child herself who cannot ask. Only those with ego and those immersed in worldly life ask. But the one, who surrenders himself to the Will of the Divine Mother like a child, will lead a peaceful life.
Whatever you do, do it as an offering to God
You would have observed a dancer making rapid movements with her hands and legs while dancing but attention is always focused on the rhythm. Likewise, your mind should always be fixed on God while discharging your duties.
You might have heard the story of Rani Jhansi Lakshmibhai. She had a small child. When she was left with no other choice but to go to the battlefield, she tied the child to her back, took a sword, and waged a fierce battle with her enemies, riding on horseback. But all the while, what was uppermost in her mind was the well being of her child. Similarly, you must necessarily discharge your worldly duties, but at the same time your mind should always be focused on God. This is the meaning of the maxim,
“Hands in the society, head in the forest.”
You do not need to undertake any specific spiritual sadhana. Whatever you do, do it as an offering to God.
Do not waste food, money, time, and energy
In order to have sacred thoughts, give up vices like consumption of non-vegetarian food, smoking, and drinking intoxicants. Do not waste food, money, time, and energy. Eat as much as you can, but do not waste, because millions are suffering for want of food.
You all know what a miserable condition that the people of Orissa are in after a severe cyclone devastated the state! In some places, people are scrambling even for a morsel of food. You may not know the value of food, but they know it very well. So do not waste food. Food is God.
Similarly, do not waste money. Some students waste a lot of money eating in hotels, in playing cards and gambling. Misuse of money is evil. Do your work yourself Do not depend on others. Whenever you find time, wash your clothes yourself. Why do you give your clothes to a washer man when you can wash them yourself? You have no right to waste your father’s money.
Time is God. That is why God is extolled as Kalaya Namaha, Kala Kalaya Namaha, Kala Darpa Damanaya Namaha, Kalatheethaya Namaha, etc. Time wasted is life wasted. Do not waste time in the pursuit of worldly pleasures. Instead taste Divinity by chanting His name.
Do not waste energy! Energy is God. Today, students are wasting a lot of energy through unsacred vision, bad thoughts, bad hearing, and excessive talk. Our body can be compared to a radio. When the radio is turned on continuously, the cells get discharged quickly. Likewise, if you indulge in excessive talk, you will be losing a lot of energy. That is why the ancient sages and seers used to observe silence. So, conserve energy by observing silence at least one day in a week. I often tell the students, talk less and work more. Only then the latent energy develops. This was the sole aim of sages and seers in undertaking various spiritual practices. Once the latent energy develops, your memory power as well as the power of concentration will increase.
Some students are not able to perform well in examinations because they are not able to concentrate even for a moment. They are constantly engaged in listening to radio news, cricket commentary, etc. with the textbook in their hand! With such distractions, how can they concentrate and retain their memory?
In olden days education was imparted to students in the gurukulas. Students had to rely entirely on their memory power and concentration to acquire knowledge, since there were no papers, pens, pencils, etc. to jot down what the teachers would teach. Their learning consisted of merely listening to the teachers, yet they could acquire high education. Though the modern students have access to papers, pens, etc., they fail to excel in studies because they lack concentration and memory power.
You are not a computer; you are a composer
Young men and women!
You become divine once you safeguard your physical, mental, and spiritual powers. Let your body be engaged in good actions, mind entertain noble thoughts, and intellect merge in the Divine. Body, mind, and intellect are merely instruments. Understand the principle that makes instruments function.
The modern system of education has become computeroriented. There is craze for computers everywhere. You are not a computer. You are a composer. After all, what does the computer do? It does whatever you program it to do. It cannot function on its own accord. God-gifted brain is the real computer. Make proper use of it. Unfortunately, modern man depends excessively on the machine to the exclusion of the God-gifted brain. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that people depend on calculators even for simple arithmetic calculations.
You should be self-reliant. Receive help from God only, none else. His work is only to help others. Emulate Him.
Help ever, hurt never.
Sage Vyasa said,
Paropakarah punyaya papaya parapeedanam
(helping others is merit, harming others is sin).
This is the essence of all sacred texts.
Do not give scope for misunderstandings and quarrels amongst yourselves. Unity is the greatest strength. Therefore, work in unison.
“Where there is unity, there is purity.
Where there is purity, there is Divinity.”
If you have purity of heart, God will certainly fulfil your wishes. For example, if you are in need of a pen, pray to God earnestly. Pen will definitely appear in your pocket. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish with purity of heart. It is impossible to understand God. When you are unable to know your true Self, how can you know God? The other day, Uma Bharati mentioned that people come here to know God. It is a misconception. You do not need to come here to know God. First try to know yourself. None can ever comprehend Me.
Ashram education inculcates all noble values in man
Character is of paramount importance for the spiritual growth of an individual. Sage Kanva established a gurukula in order to impart teachings to the inmates of the ashram. Sakuntala was one such inmate, who grew up under the loving care of sage Kanva. One day, king Dushyantha happened to visit Kanva’s ashram. There he met Sakuntala and married her. Bharata was born to the couple. Having been born and brought up in a palace, King Dushyantha was inclined toward worldly pleasures. On the other hand, his son Bharata, who was born and brought up in Kanva Ashram, was a repository of moral, spiritual, and ethical values. Ashram education inculcates all noble values in man.
Bharata became a paragon of all virtues because he received ideal education right from his childhood. On the other hand, Dushyantha had worldly and material wealth. He was a mighty emperor. What was the use of all that he possessed when he lacked character? This clearly demonstrates the difference between urban education and ashram education. Urban education is associated with shrama (hardship), whereas ashram education is without any shrama (a-shrama).
Your character depends on environment around you
There is nothing wrong in enrolling as students of colleges in towns, provided one keeps in mind the purpose of education. One should not develop unnecessary contacts and get distracted from the designated path. Your character depends on the environment around you. In olden times, people felt:
If wealth is lost, nothing is lost,
If health is lost, something is lost,
If character is lost, everything is lost
On the contrary, modern youth feels that if wealth is lost, everything is lost and if character is lost, nothing is lost.
I think I am troubling you by talking too much. I can speak to you for any length of time, but I never indulge in unnecessary talk. Remember that you are the future torchbearers of Sri Sathya Sai Organizations. The elders of the organization today may be aged and have their own constraints. Youth have to take the initiative to lead the organization from the front. Each state organization should have its own youth leader to take up major responsibilities. Ensure that you keep yourself distant from politics. Work for the welfare and progress of society. That is the greatest sadhana.
There is only one Guru, and He is God
Let your behavior be exemplary wherever you are. As long as you are in Prasanthi Nilayam, you lead a disciplined life. Continue to do the same even after you leave the place. Be always immersed in the Divine, not in deep wine. Only those who are immersed in the Divine are dear to Me and are My dear friends.
If you want to be dear friends of Swami, conduct yourself in the divine manner. In such a case, you do not need to come here; I will come to you wherever you are. I will come there, wherever you stay. I am with you, in you, around you and behind you. I am not separate from you. I and you are one.
Vahe Guru means there is only one guru and He is God. He is the goal. Do not go hither and thither from one guru to another. Under all circumstances, hold on to God steadfastly.
Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswarah
God is your true Guru. You can call Him by any name.
In the word Guru, gu stands for Gunatheetha (attributeless) and ru for Ruparahita (formless). So Guru is formless and beyond attributes. So, God is your true Guru.
Having come here spending lot of money and energy, put into practice whatever you have learnt here. Once you return to your places, share the experiences and joy with your fellow youth. Only then will the purpose of attending the conference be served. Serve your fellow beings and sanctify your lives.
Neither by penance nor by pilgrimages
Nor by going through sacred texts
Can one cross the ocean of Samsara.
Only through service can one redeem oneself.
[Sanskrit sloka]
Serve, without any expectation of reward. That is nishkama yoga. No benefit accrues to you if you expect reward for the service rendered in various villages. Do not boast that you have served in many villages. Work silently; definitely, God will shower His grace on you. I am very happy that you bore many inconveniences here with love and patience after having traveled long distances. You might not have had the food of your choice here. Never mind, what is important is good head, which will lead to God. You should eat to live, not live to eat.
Embodiments of love!
Hoping that you will lead a happy and ideal life, I bless you all and bring My Discourse to a close.
There may be gold, silver, copper, iron filings, diamonds, rubies, silks, and other things of value spread out on a flat surface. But a magnet pays no attention to all the riches; it selects only the iron filings. It is the same with devotees. God does not select on the basis of wealth. He looks to the purity of the heart.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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