Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 43 (2010)
Story - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
Benedictory Address XXIX Convocation of the SSSIHL

When Yama took the life of Savitri’s husband Satyavan, Savitri was full of grief and prayed to him to bring her husband back to life. She said, “You either give back my husband’s life or take my life also. I cannot live without my husband; we are one.” When Yama wanted to go away after taking the life of her husband, Savitri blocked his way and did not allow him to move. Yama had no choice but to listen to her prayer. He asked her, “Mother! What do you want?” “Give my husband back to me because it is not possible for me to live without him”, said Savitri. Ultimately, Yama had to yield to her prayer and revive Satyavan. Yama not only brought Satyavan back to life but granted many boons also to both Savitri and Satyavan, happy as he was with the chastity and determination of Savitri. It was because of her power of chastity that Savitri could bring her dead husband back to life.