Summer Showers 1993 - Indian Culture And Spirituality
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
The Samkhya Philosophy

Take for example the discipline regarding food. Food decides the nature of your mind. If you are afflicted by evil thoughts at the time of eating, these evil thoughts affect the food you are taking and consequently affects your mind. Mind is born of the food you take. As is the food, so is the mind. That is why our ancestors recommended the partaking of Sathwic food. The gross part of the food we take is converted into excreta; the subtle part of it goes into the making of muscles; the subtlest part of the food becomes the mind. Similarly, the gross part of the water we drink becomes urine; the subtle part of it becomes blood. The subtlest part becomes ‘Prana.’ We can say for certain that water contains ‘Prana.’ That is why when anybody faints, water is splashed on his face. Water enables the fainted man to recover as it contains prana in it.