Summer Showers 1973 - Indian Culture and Spirituality
Story - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
God Is Known By A Thousand Different Names

There is a small story for this. An individual was suffering from indigestion. He took several medicines in vain because the disease had become chronic. However, fortunately for him, a saint came his way and suggested a cure for his disease. The saint told him to chew and suck the pieces of rock salt the whole day. On doing so for some time, he felt considerably relieved of his trouble. This person used to distribute sweets to the children on festival days. On one Deepavali day, he visited various shops and in every shop he found the laddus to be tasting bitter. This was on account of his sucking the salt. One shopkeeper who knew his habit of sucking the salt suggested to him to wash his mouth before eating the laddu. Complying with the suggestion of the shopkeeper, he found the laddu to be sweet. In the same manner, while succumbing to your bad habits, you do not gain the sweet and sanctifying fragrance from the sacred company of the divine personalities that you come across. You can get benefit from the good company only after cleansing your mind. Then you can enjoy the bliss of Atma. It is in this context that the statement, “Yad bhavam tad bhavati”, has come to be used. An object is viewed differently from different points of view. The appearance of the world conforms to the colour of the glasses you wear. The change in the colour of the appearance is due to the change in the colour of the glasses.