Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 29 (1996)
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
Vedanta is Very Easy to Practise (Alternative Translation)

After experiencing the bliss of contemplation on God, remain constantly immersed in it. Whatever you do - reading, writing, walking, talking, etc. - do it with divine feelings. Do not indulge in unnecessary talking, which is useless, useless, useless! Instead why don't you talk about God? Don't give scope to any useless talk. It is correct to spend your time in studies. Use your leisure time to do good deeds. That is true awareness. What does awareness signify? Awareness is chit, which means knowledge. But due to excessive talking, students are not able to attain true knowledge. Not only that, the power of vibration and radiation is wasted by too much talking. Therefore, never indulge in unnecessary talk in any matter. Your mind may not waver by such talk, but listening to you, the minds of others may waver. Therefore, always keep in mind the feelings of others.