Summer Showers 1976
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
The Human Body Is Like A Water Bubble On The Surface Of Water

When we take this as the basis, we come to the conclusion that the period which we now call Kali Yuga started in the year named Pramadi, in the month named Sravana, and in the fortnight named Bahula and on the day called Ashtami. According to the English calendar, this will be described as February 20, 3102 years before the advent of Christ. In order to bring out this aspect of the commencement of a new Yuga on February 20, 3102 B.C., our ancestors have been calling that day as Ugadi, or the day of the beginning of a new era. As this was the commencing day of a new Yuga, it was called the Ugadi. When looked at from this angle, we should also learn a different aspect, although it is not very pleasant. This particular day called the Ugadi is also the day on which Krishna gave up his mortal body in a sacred place of pilgrimage called Prabata near Dwaraka.