Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 10 (1970)
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
Pride and the fall

More than one report mentioned that Nagarasankeerthan (singing of spiritual music in the otrets) has been inaugurated in various places. But, in a big city like Bangalore, this important saadhana (spiritual discipline) is practised only on occasions, that are far between! Some people are afraid of cynical criticism by unbelievers, and therefore, are reluctant to move out in groups along the streets in the early morning hours, singing the glory of God! When you have the very Embodiment of Fearlessness installed in your heart, why should the slightest tremor of fear affect you? If others do not join, for fear of derision or ridicule, move out alone, singing the Name.
You came into this world alone, with no companion, isn’t it? During the years of life, you collected all this kith and kin, you gathered wife and children, friends, and acquaintances who attached themselves to you. When you return to the realm from which you came, you enter the portals alone, with no one to keep company. So too, let it be with the journey called Nagarasankeerthan. Come into the street alone; collect kith and kin, if they come unto you; move with them, unconcerned and unaffected; revel in your own sweet solitariness; finally enter your home, in the satisfaction that your job is well done. Fellows may laugh at you as insane; but, this insanity is infectious and very soon, even the irreverent will be initiated into the fold. No organisation should have as its’ office-bearers people who do not join the Nagarasankeerthan party. They must have no qualms, no hesitation, no tremors of doubt.