Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 1 (1953 - 60)
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
An Attitude Of Challenge

Reading is not enough. You may master all the commentaries, and you may be able to argue and discuss with great scholars about these texts, but without attempting to practise what they teach, it is a waste of time. I never approve of book-learning; practice is what I evaluate. When you come out of the examination hall you know whether you will pass or not, is it not? For you can yourself judge whether you have answered well or not. So too in spiritual effort or in conduct or in practice, each of you can judge and ascertain the success or failure that is in store. Spiritual discipline is the essential thing even for you; no age is too early for it. Just as you tend the body with food and drink at regular intervals, you must also tend to the needs of the inner Atmic body by regular repetition of the Name and meditation and the cultivation of virtues. Holy company, good attitude, and sacred thoughts are all essential for the growth and the health of the inner personality. The body is the mansion of the Lord of the world, His Universe. Just as you are particular about coffee or tea at regular intervals, be also particular about meditation and repetition of the Name at fixed times for the health and liveliness of the spirit.