Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 1 (1953 - 60)
Topic - Excerpt from Divine Discourse
An Attitude Of Challenge

The District Judge in his opening remarks said that Bharath (India) has been blessed with many saints and sages and with many manifestations of Divinity in Human Form. A doubt may arise why such appearances take place in Bharath more than in any other place, when the world is so big and we have humanity everywhere to be saved and guided. There is a reason for this, believe Me! Well, why should, in all India, Kolar alone have gold? Where there is a gold mine, there is the need for mining engineers and chemists who will extract it, separate it, purify it, and distribute it to the various places where gold is in demand, is it not? So also, it is here in India that there is a mine of spiritual wisdom and spiritual treasure: the metaphysical sciences, revelatory scriptures, the Gita, and the Vedas. This has to be distributed pure and unsullied, guaranteed in value and quality, to eager aspirants everywhere, and thus we have here a succession of sages and saints. On account of the teachings and the lives of these people, there is a vast field of spiritual virtue in this land, which needs only a little more care to yield a rich harvest.