Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 27 (1994)
Start propagation in primary school

Engaging oneself in arduous penance, Undertaking pilgrimages to sacred shrines, Dipping in holy waters, mastering the scriptures, Meditating on the Lord, and going in raptures, All these can seldom help a human To cross the ocean of life mundane. Service to mankind is the only course of action Which will help one to achieve liberation. EMBODIMENTS of Divine Atma! It is the duty of Everyone born as a human being to engage himself in service to mankind, which is the only sure way to cross the ocean of worldly life and attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
Be the master of your body and mind
The human body is a prey to 386 types of diseases. These are caused by three main factors that are related to physical health. They are Vatha (Wind), Piththa (Bile) and Sleshma (Phlegm). Wind is the cause of 80 diseases, while 84 diseases arise from bile disorders and 222 from phlegm. For the disease of fluorosis, which is the subject of this symposium, bile and phlegm are the causes. While there are curative medicines for several diseases, there are some diseases which are incurable.
In this world, there are several types of people- those who are affluent, those who are virtuous, men of mighty strength and valour, persons of high literary attainments, eminent scientists. But persons engaging themselves in spiritual pursuits are very rare to come across. Such noble persons, who dwell in the realm of the spirit instead of the sphere of mundane affairs, will not be affected by any diseases of the body or the mind. They will be leading a noble and pure life. The body is a physical entity while the mind is subtle. There is another which is invisible and eludes the grasp of the ordinary individual. That is the Atma. The attempt to comprehend the unknown and invisible Atma is called Atmanveshana. When one makes efforts to realise the sweetness of the Atma he is said to taste it - Atmapreethi. When he experiences the bliss of the Atma he is said to be an Atma Jnani (a Realised Soul). The body, the mind, the intellect and the senses are only your instruments. Then, the question arises, "Who are you?" The answer is: "You are the master who makes use of these instruments." When you refer to "My mind, my body, my senses," do you enquire "Who am I?" Though you may go on saying, "This is my body; my mind, etc.," which implies that you are different from these, yet you identify yourself with the body and become a slave of the senses instead of being their master. You are the Atma, the Supreme Master. You have the potential to realise this through the discriminating power of the intellect. Once you recognise this truth, you will also understand human nature, which is a combination of values like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence and you will then rid your animal qualities. Then you will also realise the cause of diseases and the method of curing them.
Adharam and aharam are essential for life
The disease of fluorosis is cause by contamination in food, air and water. Earth, fire and ether are the elements constituting the essential basis for human life. Water and air constitute the Prana Shakthi (Life-Force). While ether, earth and fire are the muula (basis), water and air are essential for Prana (life). Water and air provide the food for the sustenance of life. While the three elements earth, fire and ether form the Adharam (support), the other two - water and air form the Aharam (food). You get water and air from the Bhuumi (earth). It is the nature of Brahman and is all powerful. The astronauts who travel in space-ships to explore space have to carry water and air with them from the earth for their survival. They have to take things from the earth while they travel to the moon to bring a few samples from the moon. Billions of dollars are spent on these exercises.
What we should attempt really is to explore the means of cultivation of human values and realising the divinity within everyone. The sun shines with intense hear and wonderful effulgence. By the help of the sun's light, the moon shines. It cannot shine by itself, as it has no effulgence of its own. The relationship between the Buddhi (intellect) and the mind is also similar to this. The mind is made up of thoughts and fancies. It is dangerous to act as a slave of the mind. By following the mind, one becomes a Pashu (an animal). By following the Buddhi, one becomes a Pashupathi, the Lord of all living beings.
Pay the greatest attention to the health of children
You have discussed in great detail the incidence of fluorosis and the application of technology to combat this evil disease as a natural outcome of food and other habits. The main constituents of the body should be in proper balance. Any imbalance will affect the health and curtail the life span. The longevity of a person depends on regulation of food and other habits. Affluent and educated people are able to have recourse to advanced methods of treatment for curing diseases. What about the poor and illiterate villagers? They suffer a lot owing to fluorosis which affects the movement of the joints and weakens the bones. In some cases, hands and legs are bent out of shape and the victims can hardly do their daily work. A large percentage of people in Bharath are unable to work efficiently because of various physical disabilities. The greatest attention should be paid to the health of the young who have many years of life before them. We have to start investigation in the primary schools where children are susceptible to attacks by diseases such as fluorosis. You have to devise methods simple enough to be followed by them. One simple method is to mix lime and sand in water in a Proper proportion and stir it up slowly taking 15 minutes for the process. Allow it to settle down for 5 to 6 hours. You will see the sand deposit at the bottom. If this is done before bed-time, the water will be clear by the next morning. The water thus purified can be used with good effect. You can make use of alum also for this purpose. It is very difficult to get pure alum today. Everything is adulterated: milk, oil and other edible products. If you can teach the primary school children now about cultivation of honesty and good habits, the future of the country and the world will be better as these children are going to be the leaders, pleaders and teachers of the Regarding the treatment of fluorosis, you should think of long-term solution also along with temporary remedial measures. Yellow and black spots on the skins are signs of a person suffering from fluorosis. Doctors should concentrate on fluorosis-affected children as they may grow weak because of the disease.
Ensure effective implementation of decisions taken
This disease is prevalent in all countries, but in certain districts of some States of Bharath it is rampant. The decisions you have taken at this Conference should not be confined to the paper on which they are recorded. You should implement them and achieve results. What is needed is the will to work with a spirit of dedication in order to relieve the distress of the suffering masses. The participants who spoke earlier, expressed their gratitude for the hospitality and good food and comfortable accommodation provided for them here. We do have our share in looking after the welfare of society. We can be happy only when society is happy. You should go from village to village and rake concrete steps to eradicate this disease of fluorosis, offer simple methods of treatment to those already affected and teach the villagers the preventive precautionary measures like regulation of diet and drinking only boiled water etc. Our Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of A.P are extending enthusiastic support for this programme. You should also act with full initiative and interest so that you. can achieve the desired results. Having taken up a job you should not slacken your effort in completing it, facing any obstacles you may come across boldly.
Work done for the welfare of the world is thapas (true penance), while work done for selfish purpose is thamas (useless). Bharath is a Punyabhuumi (sacred land). It is a Yogabhuumi (Land of sense control)and Karmabhuumi (Land of action). The present generation of people want to make it a Bhogabhuumi (Land of worldly pleasures). That is why people suffer from diseases.
Secret of Svami's youthful radiance
Students here expressed their wonder as to how Svami, though 68 years old, looks young and is energetic. Really the reason for this is the imbibing of the three P's by Me, namely, purity, patience, and perseverance. If you follow these three tenets you will not be afflicted by any disease.
I am keeping Myself active day in and day out for the sake of the welfare of the world and no disease has affected this body at any time during the past 68 years. My teeth are quite healthy and strong even at this age. I can masticate anything. My eye sight is very sharp. People get short sight or long sight even at the age of forty and wear glasses. I take no medicine as no disease affects Me. Even while I take on the diseases of others. I pretend as though I take the pill offered by doctors to satisfy them. But actually I throw it away and sip only water. I ear the barest minimum to sustain the body. I take just one small oil-free dry chapathi. I have never taken sweets even from my childhood. Doctors say you need vitamins and proteins for maintaining bodily health. I am always in Anandha (bliss) and that is the vitamin and protein for Me. Happiness lies in union with God. When you think of God you are bound to be happy.
Chant prayers even while taking medicine
You must tell people to think of God and chant prayers even while they take' medicine for the disease. This must be taught mainly to school children so that they may grow up as good enlightened children.
There was a professor in Kashi who used to do prayer and worship at the altar in his house. An atheist friend of his who visited him remarked that he was wasting so much time in prayer. The professor replied that the prayer to God will never go waste. He added: "I waste only one hour per day, even if according to you God does not exist. But if God exists, you are wasting your whole life-time." You have to educate the children to consume lime and tamarind in larger measure, explaining the reason for this, in order to prevent the affliction by the disease of fluorosis. Teach them by songs in popular runes so that it will have an effective appeal. Even atheists who deny God will be moved by music as human beings. When you pray to God too, it is more effective if you express the prayer in musical runes as this will touch and move the heart. God loves music. He is termed as Ganapriya and Ganalola (one who loves music and revels in music). Inspire the children to sing Bhajans. They will attain happiness and satisfaction.
Living becomes a glorious experience only when it is sweetened by Tolerance and Love. Willingness to compromise with others ways of living and cooperation in common tasks, make living happy and fruitful. Certain modes of behaviour have been laid down and proved beneficial by centuries of practice. These have to be observed with modifications to suit the conditions of today.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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