Sandeha Nivarini
A Word To The Reader

“I am the Sai Baba of Shirdi come again; then, I was mostly engaged in preparing the meal; now I have come to feed you all with the strengthening, purifying repast,” says Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He announced thus, in his fourteenth year, while casting away his school books and addressing the first gathering of devotees in 1940.
Ever since, Baba has been consoling, correcting, and curing, with His compassion and all-conquering love, an ever-increasing band of physical and spiritual sufferers and establishing the new Sai era of peace and joy.
As part of His mission of establishment of dharma, in February, 1956, Baba started a monthly magazine, which He named Sanathana Sarathi (Ancient Charioteer). Evidently, He meant to declare more clearly through that title that He is both Ancient and the Charioteer of all physically embodied beings. He announced that the Sanathana Sarathi is engaged in a campaign against falsehood of all types and varieties, as well as against the spirit of selfishness. This series of dialogues with Baba, published in the magazine originally in Telugu, unravels the mysteries of spiritual truth and lovingly removes the mist that hides the vision of aspirants. Perused with care and faith, these dialogues are bound to clarify, reinforce, and convince. May the perusal lead you nearer and nearer the goal.
N. Kasturi, M.A., B.L.
New Year, 1985
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