Sathyam Shivam Sundaram, Vol 1
For You and Me

And so we have come to the last chapter of this book, dear reader. I hope you have become more interested in the pilgrimage which everyone has perforce to undertake to the seat of God.
Baba has assured us that He will remain in the human frame beyond the year 2020. He says that He has not yet started the work for which He has come which is still in the preliminary stage of reconnaissance. When He starts His campaign, He says the whole world will know of it and benefit from it. Therefore subsequent events in the life of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba are certain to be even more inspiring and elevating.
The Golden Age of Human Redemption is here. The splendor of its dawn has already filled the clouds on the eastern horizon with golden glory and will circle the entire world. Mankind is awakening. "I came", Baba says, "because the good men of the world, the saintly, the wise, the sage and the seeker, the guides and the Godly longed for Me".
May the pure and the righteous rejoice! The wicked and the false, the cowardly and cruel may also rejoice, for He in His Mercy will lead them back onto the holy path. Baba has asked, "If I close the door against the sinful, the fallen and the renegade, where else can they go?"
You and I have no excuse now to be content with only maps and guide books, to consult the case histories of invalids who cured themselves, or pour over tomes that confound the brain.
He has come - the Healer, as loving as the Mother, as strong as the Father, as wise as the Master, as All-seeing as God. May He, the Source, the Stream and the Sea, the All-pervasive, All-inclusive, All-animating, give to us all the strength and the steadfastness to journey toward Him.
What does He ask for us? To start this very moment the discipline needed for the good life. With what offering shall we approach Him? Not with the leaf, flower, fruit, and water, the customary offerings. Instead offer Him truth, righteousness, peace and love - or at least the effort to attain these four or any one of the four - and sincerity in the struggle to improve.
Baba enjoins, "Offer on the leaf of the body the blossom of the mind, fragrant with humility, the fruit of the heart, ripe with spiritual austerity, and sweet with the essence of compassion, mercy, and self-control, and the water of tears welling out of joyful bliss. That is enough".
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