The grand festival of Guru Purnima, the day the mind presided over by the moon which is shining in its full glory is humbly offered at The Lotus Feet of The Guru, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who is also our friend, our companion and our Lord.
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-,-,-,p,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- v,e,d,a,v,y,a,s,a,-,-,-,- -,-,-,d,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- f,o,r,m,l,e,s,s,-,-,-,-,- -,-,-,a,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- -,-,-,p,-,-,-,-,-,-,c,-,- -,r,e,a,l,i,z,a,t,i,o,n,- -,-,-,d,-,-,-,-,-,-,m,-,- -,s,h,a,k,t,i,-,-,-,p,-,- -,h,-,-,-,-,-,-,h,e,l,p,- -,i,-,-,-,-,-,-,u,-,e,-,- -,v,-,-,-,-,-,-,r,-,t,-,- -,a,-,-,-,-,-,-,t,-,e,-,- Guru Purnima is celebrated to honor this sage Swami says that a true guru is one who has grasped the ______ aspect of God A Vihita Guru is one who can show the path to _______ After curing Himself from the paralysis on Guru Purnima 1961, Swami declared He was the form of _______ and ________ The essence of the Holy scriptures is to always ________ and not to _______ This disciple of Sankaracharya is hailed for his devotion to his Guru On Guru Purnima, the moon is ___________ See 6 Across See 7 Across