Sairam! Swami has said, "Honor every religion for each is a pathway to God." So let us explore each unique pathway in this puzzle.
-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,k,-,u,-,- -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,g,o,s,p,e,l -,b,i,b,l,e,-,-,-,-,r,-,a,-,- -,-,-,h,-,-,-,z,-,-,a,-,n,-,- t,o,r,a,h,-,-,e,-,-,n,-,i,-,- -,-,-,g,-,-,-,n,-,a,-,-,s,-,- -,-,-,v,-,-,-,d,-,d,-,-,h,-,- -,-,s,a,t,c,h,a,r,i,t,r,a,-,- -,-,-,d,-,-,-,v,-,g,-,-,d,-,- -,h,-,g,-,-,-,e,-,r,-,-,-,-,- v,a,h,i,n,i,-,s,-,a,-,-,-,-,- -,d,-,t,-,-,-,t,-,n,-,-,-,-,- -,i,-,a,-,-,-,a,-,t,-,-,-,-,- -,i,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,h,-,-,-,-,- -,h,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- What are the first four books in the New Testament called The Holy Book on Jesus' life The Holy Book for Jews The Holy book on Shirdi Sai Baba's life Series of books written by Swami on spiritual topics The religious text for Muslims These aphorisms of wisdom are a part of the Vedas The Holy scripture gifted to mankind by Krishna These Holy Scriptures are the Zoroastrian sacred teachings The Holy Text of the Sikhs that is considered to be The Living Guru The Sacred Text containing Prophet Mohammed's direct narration
Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student