Sairam! In this puzzle, we shall learn about Mother Nature's interactions with Divine Beings.
-,-,-,-,-,b,-,-,-,- -,b,o,d,h,i,-,-,-,- -,-,-,-,-,l,o,t,u,s -,-,-,j,-,v,-,-,-,- s,-,t,a,m,a,r,i,n,d u,-,-,s,-,-,-,-,-,- n,e,e,m,-,-,-,f,-,- -,-,-,i,-,-,-,i,-,- -,-,-,n,a,t,u,r,e,- -,-,-,e,-,-,-,e,-,- -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- Tree under which Buddha got enlightenment Swami says we should be like this flower - in the world but still not be affected by the world The blessed Kalpataru (wish fulfilling tree) is this type of tree Shirdi Sai Baba slept under this tree Swami says ______ is the best teacher This type of leaf is used to worship Shiva Flowers that young Sathya cast on the ground that spelt SAI BABA in Telugu Hanuman swallowed this 'fruit' One of the five elements that helps in digestion
Puzzle created by a Group II SSE student