Sairam! In these puzzles, we shall learn about the beloved Crown Prince of Ayodhya, the great Archer Lord Rama!
Puzzle #1: This puzzle will be focused on the various Rama bhajans that we sing
Puzzle #2: Let's identify some important characters from the Ramayana
-,-,-,g,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- -,-,-,u,-,t,-,-,-,-,-,- a,r,c,h,e,r,y,-,-,-,-,- -,a,-,a,-,e,-,-,s,u,n,- -,v,-,-,-,t,-,-,u,-,-,- -,a,-,l,-,a,-,-,g,-,a,- -,n,-,a,-,-,-,-,r,-,y,- k,a,i,k,e,y,i,-,i,-,o,- u,-,-,s,-,-,-,-,v,-,d,- s,-,b,h,a,g,i,r,a,t,h,a a,-,-,m,-,-,-,-,-,-,y,- -,-,v,a,l,m,i,k,i,-,a,- -,-,-,n,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- -,-,h,a,n,u,m,a,n,-,-,- Rama was extremely skilled in this art. Rama was born in the dynasty of this star. This Mother was instrumental in Rama's period of exile in the forest. Name the ancestor of Rama who brought down the Ganges from Heaven to earth. In which Holy Sage's hermitage did Sita and her sons stay in after being banished from the kingdom by Rama? What is the name of the selfless monkey who worshiped Rama? This boatman carried Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana across the Ganga in his boat. Rama was born in this Yuga (aeon) Name the ruler of Lanka. What is the name of the King of Monkeys who assisted in the search to find Sita? Name Rama's devoted brother who accompanied Rama and Sita during the period of exile. The blessed city which Rama ruled over Son of Rama
Puzzle created by a Group II SSE Student