Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 14 (1978 - 80)
The Truth

THERE is God everywhere and there is no second entity anywhere. God is the truth, the only truth. In every article or thing, God is, as the basis, as understanding and understandability, as the source of Divine light, as' Atma. Know that All exists, has awareness and bliss because of the Atma which All is. Truth is a word that is frequently used on platforms but the concept is still very hazy and often mistakenly interpreted. In reality, man is afraid of probing into his own truth, lest his pet opinions and attitudes be proved hollow and dangerous. As a result, his actions and thoughts pursue disturbing and discordant paths. What exactly is truth? Is it the description of a 'thing seen' as one has seen it, without exaggeration or under-statement? No. Or, the narration of an incident in the same word as one has heard it narrated? No. Truth elevates; it holds forth ideals; it inspires the individual and society. It is the Light that illumines Man's path to God. A life inspired by Truth will enable man to live as man - not degrade himself to the status of a lower species. From dawn to dusk, from the moment of wakefulness to the moment of sleep, if he devotes himself to his own deeds, is that a life inspired by the Truth? No. By his good thoughts translated into good words and manifested as good deeds, man must promote Truth in society and prove its usefulness. He is the image of God. He must be aware of the image of God that shines in society also.
People are fascinated by the false
The thought that arises in the mind, the word that sprouts from the tongue and the deed that engages the hand must all three be fully co-ordinated. Each one must be in conformity with the other two. They must be in unison with each other. If you have one plan in your mind and talk of a different one and execute something else, it is a false life, not a true one. The ancient texts condemn such a person as a Dhuratma (evil person) and extol the person whose thought,Word and deed are all in line as a Mahatma (greatest soul). Nowadays, people are fascinated by the false and keep away from the true. They ignore the true and pursue the false. They are not eager to know the Truth, the eternal and the Absolute. Truth is the One Awareness, the One Divine Energy that activates every living being, nay, every particle of matter. The tiny seed of a banyan tree does not reveal to the human eye or to the microscope, the gigantic tree which it contains. The Divine Energy within it prompts it to expand and become the banyan. Every cell, every spot, every atom is Divine, full of vast destiny. The recognition of this Omnipresence of God is the mark of the theist. The atheist may proclaim that God is not, but, deep inside him one can find the awareness of the Omnipresence. That is his truth. Now, about my Truth. It is impossible for anyone to discover and declare the truth that is Sathya Sai. To ensure peace and prosperity is the task on which Sathya Sai has come amidst you. "Lokah samasthah sukhino bhavanthu" (Let all the worlds be happy). All mankind have to be happy; all must rest; in peace; all must be gladly engaged in fulfilling their duties. I long to shower anandha on all. It is not an easy achievement to recognise and identify Divinity. Yet, when the time is ripe and the fortune is imminent, that is to say, pretty soon, even that can be won by you.
Protect your mother-tongue and Motherland with all your energy. Make yourselves fit for this, by making the best use of the opportunities in the school. Progress as much as you can, without hesitation. Develop character as well as intelligence and health. The most reliable source of strength is in you, not in money, or kinsmen, or physical acumen, but, in yourself, the Atman (divinity). Know it; delve into it; draw sustenance from it; see it in all; serve it in all.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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