Sri Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 14 (1978 - 80)
The way of Jesus

THERE are four types of persons:
  1. those who see only right everywhere,
  2. those who are less spiritual in their vision and so see right as right and wrong as wrong,
  3. those who shut their eyes to right and see only wrong,
  4. and lastly, the worst of all, those who judge even the right to be wrong.
No one brings wealth when he is born or takes it with him when he dies. Whatever riches one has accumulated have to be freely shared with others. Flowers scatter fragrance; trees offer fruits in plenty. Instead of learning the lessons they teach, man pursues his own sense-cravings, and his urge for fame and authority over others. Contentment is the most precious wealth; greed brings misery in its train. Contentment alone can lead man to the goal of life viz., the attainment of Divinity.
A tender heart is more valuable than all material possessions. When moral and spiritual excellence is gained, the divinity in man becomes patent. Vishwamithra was a powerful king, proud of his might and the vastness of his kingdom. He wished to defeat the Sage Vasishta but could not succeed. Thus he learnt the lesson that material, physical or mental powers are too weak to win over Divine Power. So, he entered upon spiritual sadhana (effort) to rid his mind of anger, greed and envy. As a result, he himself became a sage. The Kaurava brothers, a hundred of them, were intoxicated by greed for more, though they had riches in plenty and kingdoms vast in area; so, they contended with their cousins, the Godfearing and God-led Pandava brothers, who were only five in number. In the end, the Kauravas destroyed themselves to the last man and the Pandavas were blessed with victory.
Every man in the world is a messenger of God
The brothers, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, succeeded in securing as boons from God mastery over the elements but they misused this power and spread havoc over all the worlds. Man has to acquire mastery over the foul urges in his own mind - lust, anger, hatred, jealousy. Then only can he enjoy the Divine Peace that is his birth-right. Every living being is on a pilgrimage - whether it is aware of it or not. The Bhagavatha Purana (Story of Glory of Divinity), says that the destiny of all beings is to return to their origin. Lord Krishna has declared in the Geetha that all beings have emerged from Him and have to merge in Him. The Sun causes clouds in the sky raising water from the sea as vapour; the waters of the sea fall as rain, the rain water accumulates and flows as streams and rivers, until it merges with the source, the sea. It is faithful to its destiny; it confronts bravely all the hurdles and obstacles on the pilgrim path.
Every man has come into this world as a Messenger of God. Jesus announced himself as a Messenger of God. He spent many years in austerities so that he could shower compassion and love on all humanity. Later, he asked himself, "Am I just a messenger, or am I more closely related to God, a part of God with the Divine as my essence?" Jesus spent twelve long years, wandering alone in deserts engaged in this inquiry. At the end of this period, he returned to the society of men and announced "I am the Son of God."
In Kali Age Judases have multiplied
At that time, the priests of the holy temples of Jerusalem had become corrupt and commercialised. They had deteriorated into proud and selfish men. Jesus condemned them and tried to root out the evil practises. For, all forms were in the eyes of Jesus, Divine Forms and he could not tolerate any action which belied this status. So, when asked by people who he was, he could reply, "I and my Father are One." Jesus tried to teach everyone the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.
Tradition-minded and egoistic men considered Jesus a false prophet and they tried by every means to thwart his mission. Jesus, however, did not waver. Faced with opposition, he continued to be an example of living Truth, and to purify society. Many disciples, followed Jesus but throughout history, it has been the experience of Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad that disciples however close are seldom fully dedicated. Most are only part-time devotees. Jesus had 12 disciples, most of whom had faith in him and lived his teachings. But, Judas yielded to greed. He betrayed his Master for a mere 30 coins. He could not find joy in life after this treachery. His mind gave him no peace. He had to seek refuge in suicide. Betrayal by people who pretend to adore is happening since ages. Corrupt, greedy and selfish people spread falsehoods about their own Masters. We hear of a Judas, 2000 years ago. But in the Kali Age, people are obsessed with money and Judases have multiplied. They seek to amass paltry riches whereas good character, good conduct and knowledge of God are the three real treasures to be gathered. Land and buildings, silver and gold, dollars and other currencies are temporary and trivial. They are possessions only until life lasts. But those three treasures will stay on, sustain and strengthen you until you attain union with the Infinite.
The three real treasures to be gathered
Man has mastered astronomy; he knows all about the earth. He is conversant with all that is happening in America, Russia and England. But he does not know who he is, and so, all other knowledge does not make him wise. He is eager to collect information about everything else but he never asks the question "Who am I?" though he uses the expression 'I' and 'my' freely almost always. You are the farmer; the body is the field. Sow the seeds of goodness, you can get the harvest of happiness; sow the seeds of evil, you reap the harvest of grief. You are the cause of either of these. Do not blame others or impute partiality to God. Above all, do not rely on this impermanent objective world; it is full of sorrow and change; cultivate detachment, equanimity and self-control and love.
This life is a temporary rest place
Develop knowledge about the higher levels of consciousness and the higher planes of existence. Knowledge leads to skill. From skill in using such knowledge, one acquires balance.
You must recognise that this life is a stage in the long pilgrimage and that we are now at a hotel, a temporary resting place which has also a watchman. The mind is the watchman. So, do not feel permanently attached to the mind or the body. This 'negative' body has the 'positive' Divinity within it. When you become all-embracing infinite Love, the Divine will manifest in and through you. Try to be like Jesus.
Jesus was a person whose only joy was in spreading Divine Love, offering Divine Love, receiving Divine Love and living on Divine Love. There are various theories about the birth date of Jesus based on the 'bright star that appeared at his birth.' It is visible once in 800 years, it is said. Some say he was born on the fifteenth day of September.
But, he was born at 3-15 a.m. (early morning) on December 28, 1980 years ago. It was Sunday. The Star that appeared that day appears only once in 800 years. Its appearance had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. There is no rule that, when Divine Energy or Divine Incarnation descends on Earth, a star has to appear. That is the opinion of devotees only. But, Jesus was himself a 'Star' of infinite value, spreading brialliance of infinite dimension. Why posit another less brilliant glow?
Today is the Birth Day of Jesus, celebrated amidst December snow-falls with lights and Christmas Trees, and prayers. But it is useless to pray just one day and forget God, the rest of the year. That is an empty show; it does not emanate from the heart. We are true Christians only when we live according to the teachings of Christ and practise them in daily life. Even if we follow two teachings of his, that would be enough. Christ said, "All life is one, my dear Son! Be alike to every one."
Be engaged in doing God's work
If we truly follow this, it would be enough to fulfil our destiny. When he was on the Cross and overcome with agony, an unseen Voice said from Heaven, "Death is the Dress of Life." The body is the dress which the Divine Spirit puts on. Therefore, we should not weep when the body is worn out or falls or is injured. Death is an event, that is the very nature of the body. Men seek the cause for death but no one seeks the Divine Source of Life. Be engaged during the brief span of life in glorifying God and in doing God's Work. God has incarnated in human form, in order to inspire man to follow higher ideals not only in India but foreign countries also. Men may have different languages and life styles but God is One and He is present everywhere. All religions speak of Him as Love and as attainable through love. Forms of Worshipping God differ, for they are shaped by time and place but love is the basic content of all the forms. The language of love is understood and spoken by all hearts. There is only one race really, and that is the race of mankind. We now consider petty distinctions of nationality, race, religion and language as vital and hold back love which must flow to every one from the heart. That was the life and message of Jesus. Nurture it in your hearts. Experience Jesus as your Messenger sent from God.
Become what you truly are
Love alone can reveal the Divinity latent in all.
Love is God. Live in Love.
Love lives by giving and forgiving; Self lives by getting and forgetting.
Love is self-lessness; Selfishness is Lovelessness.
Do not waste your life pursuing the narrow interests of the self. Love! Love!
Become what you truly are - the embodiments of love. No matter how others treat you or what they think of you, do not worry. Follow Jesus Christ. Love for your own evolution and not for what others say. Do not imitate others. Cultivate your own life. You have your own heart, your own opinion, your ideas, your own will. Why then imitate? Imitation is human, they say; but creation is Divine.
Follow your chosen path. Let your own experience of God be your guide and master. Do not go into the grave, weakly copying others. You won't find God if you search in the outside world. Your own heart shining with Love is God's Love.
Follow the Master.
Face the Devil.
Fight to the end, and
Finish the game.
You are God. The true you is God.
You are not one person but three - the one, you think you are, the one others think you are and the one you really are.
You think of yourself as your body and its sense cravings, others think of you as a personality. You are truly infinite spirit Divine. You should constantly remind yourself, "I am God" "I am God." "I am God."
The day you see yourself as God, you become God. If you think I am only human, you will be led astray. Do not allow your body and the sense to dictate your moves. Develop the inner vision. The body is the cart, the Spirit is the horse. Do not put the cart before the horse. Spiritual practice is the only means of acquiring mental peace. If all the cars in America are placed end to end, they would reach the moon; but there is no true happiness there, no peace of mind. Cultivate not riches, not comfort and luxuries, but Divine virtues. Then you become fit to receive God's Grace. Why trade permanent peace of mind for impermanent physical luxuries? Speak sweetly; shed comfort with every glance of yours. Do not be slaves to your sensual desires. Prahladha told his father who had conquered the three worlds that he had failed to conquer lust and desire. You should conquer lust and vanquish anger. Exile from your mind greed, hate and jealousy. Dedicate your hand to the service of mankind. Jesus teaches infinite love and compassion. To resurrect love and compassion, you must kill jealousy and selfishness, purify your hearts. Earn the true mercy of Jesus. Follow the path shown by him and reach the position he holds.
Rules of behaviour must be observed by politicians, rulers, subjects, monks, who are leaders of the community and heads of monasteries, scholars and others, for they are exemplars and guides and their responsibilities are greater than ordinary persons.
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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